12 Amazing Animals With Real Superpowers!

Awesome animals with crazy and weird abilities!

12. Fleas- Fleas are considered to be one of the most peskiest little creatures that roamed the Earth, especially dog and cat fleas that invade our furry pets. Those suckers can cause misery to our furry companions once they bury themselves inside their fur. Fleas are so quick to infest animals because of their ability to jump so far and high. They can leap about two hundred times their own body length, this would equal to a six-foot man making a 900 foot jump! Fleas have been a sideshow attraction for years, and flea trainers would even train fleas to jump such high feats.

11. Skunks- If you don’t like someone, just spray them with your farts and they’ll be sure to leave you alone. That’s what skunks do and they’ve kind of gotten a bad rap from it. Skunks will release a powerful scent from their anus as a defense mechanism. The smell is powerful enough to keep away bears and other predators. A skunk’s spray can even cause blindness and the odor is so strong that it can last up to days, and can be smelled from at least a mile away. You definitely don’t want to mess around with a skunk and if you do you’ll feel it’s stinky wrath!
10. Salamanders- Salamanders have the unique super power to regrow entire limbs, legs, their tail and even some organs. It’s “super power” comes from its super immune system. The salamander’s immune cells detects tissue scarring and foreign pathogens in its body and wipes it away before it starts to become infectious to its body. Medical science would be so amazing and miraculous, if only humans were able to regrow limbs and body organs when our bodies become sick, as long as we don’t unexpectedly grow other extra body parts or a tail…now that would be really incredible.

9. Alpine Ibex- Spiderman can climb walls using his handy dandy webbing that he spurts from his arms, but the Alpine Ibex can scale on mountains of walls with just using its hooves! These goats aren’t scared of anything as they can reach an altitude as high as 4,000 m! The goats’ hooves are flat and sturdy, which is perfect for climbing up the steep terrain. They aren’t climbing up the walls for fun, but they’re actually licking and tasting the stones for salt and minerals. Their usual diet is essential for living and will climb these high walls at no cost. I guess you say it’s the survival of the fittest, or whoever falls first.

8. Common Basilisk- The animal is best known as the Jesus Christ lizard, not because it can turn water into wine but because it can walk on water! The lizard creates small air pockets in the water to prevent them from sinking, giving them the impression that they can’t actually sink, and if they fall, they are great swimmers. Their bizarre ability comes their intuition that they’re being threatened and will run away on the water like a coward. I wish I had this lizard’s skills when I trying to run away from life’s problems.

7. Hairy frog- Also known as the Wolverine frog or the “horror frog” because it can break its own bones and forces it through its skin as a weapon. Sounds like X Men’s Wolverine has got some competition. This act of self defense acts like claws and and can retract back into the body at will. The frogs also use their claws for catching food and for mating. Imagine breaking your own bones and using them in a fight….I think the sound alone of breaking bones would be enough of a superpower to scare away your enemies.

6. Seahorses- Male seahorses are the only known animal to give birth, which is pretty incredible considering scientists don’t even know why male seahorses have evolved this way. It starts off with the female seahorse installing her eggs inside the male, he fertilizes the eggs and even helps control blood flow and water saline for the eggs. Then, when the eggs are ready to hatch, he spews them out of his pouch like it’s raining confetti! Scientists think the males are trying to help the females by carrying the eggs, so she can use up the rest of her energy to gather nutrients and make more babies. Now if only human males could share the pregnancy load and help give birth, that would make life for women so much easier!

5. Chiton- They be small and can go unnoticed, but their bite is quite extraordinary. They can grow teeth that are strong and resilient. It’s composed of magnetite and their teeth are the most hardest teeth in the world. Magnetite is an iron used in medical and electronical devices and has strong acidity levels and requires high temperature and pressure. This mollusc’s unique super power allows it to feast on algae embedded rocks. Biting on rocks with human teeth will definitely require a trip to the emergency room.

4. Wood frog- Extreme weather conditions are tough to withstand, especially the freezing cold. Although the wood frog is able to to survive in these ghastly conditions by freezing and thawing out by spring! Temperatures can go as cold as minus ten degrees and the frogs are unaffected. The frogs have unique proteins that allows the water in their blood to freeze first, and their livers creates large amounts of glucose in their cells which allows them to stand still.

3. Peacock mantis shrimp- Don’t let their size fool you, the mantis shrimp can create a punch so deadly and fast that it can break through the shell of a crab in one hit. It’s strike is described as a speeding bullet at an exhilarating speed beyond the human eye. The shrimp has one of the most specials eyes, unlike other animals, they can detect ultraviolet light and uses its extraordinary vision to hunt food and avoid being prey. Who knew something so cute, could be so violent!
2. Horned lizard- Imagine going through a terrible breakup and all of the sudden, your ex suddenly squirts blood at you…from their eyes! As weird as that it, the horned lizard does exactly that. Used for self defense, it’s eye sockets will swell and blood will squirt when it’s ruptured. This process is known as auto-hemorrhaging, and can spray blood at a distance of at least four feet. The lizard can squirt blood out at any time to scare away predators or remove dirt particles in its eye.
Turritopsis Doohmii Jellyfish- They are simple creatures. They have no eyes, ears, a nose, a heart and a brain! They have no bones and are basically made out of water. Not to mention that they’re also biologically immortal. Their secret to living forever is by reversing its aging process. The process starts when a jellyfish becomes injured or sick and it cycles through a polyp stage and regenerates younger cells and starts adulthood again. As long as they aren’t diseased or get killed by a predator, they are able to live forever! Now that’s what I call a real super power!