13 Strange Facts About The Bermuda Triangle!

Bizarre things about the Bermuda Triangle you may not know

15. It’s a ride?! – Australia’s Sea World opened the ride in 1994 inspired by the creepy events of the Bermuda Triangle. Passengers on the ride tunnel through volcanoes and even encounter aliens and planes. The free-falling ride holds up to 16 people and ends with a big drop plummeting into the water. After the ride, guests were able to take photos and keep them as souvenirs. In 2013, the ride was taken down and replaced but a replica is still operating in Germany’ s Movie Park.

14. Songs have been made- Fleetwood Mac and Barry Manilow have made songs about the Bermuda Triangle. Barry Manilow’s song about losing woman in this life have drawn parallels to the actual Bermuda Triangle and it’s strange disappearances, while the band Fleetwood Mac has sung about the Triangle and it’s paranormal occurrences, seeing strange shadows in the night, missing ships and planes, and the lyrics are pretty straightforward, so you get the whole idea.

13. Aircraft incidents- There have been at least seven notable cases of aircrafts being lost while flying over the Bermuda triangle. It is also believed Malaysia Airlines, carrying 239 people on the planes, might be lost in the triangle. We’ll never know what really happened because every plane that has disappeared left no trace of the aircraft carriers and the people were never found.

11. Maritime incidents- Just like airplanes, ships have also been known to go missing. There have ten cases of ships that have disappeared in the triangle. The most logical explanations for these disappearances are attributed to hurricanes and bad storms; even going as far as naming magnetic fields to be a cause, but until we catch a sea monster swallowing up the ships, a true cause remains unsolved.

10. Aliens and UFO’s sightings – Some people have reported sightings of ufos being spotted over the Bermuda Triangle, and others even attribute aliens to be the cause of these unexplainable events. Could it really be that extraterrestrials are the cause of every missing aircraft or ship? It could be a plausible reason if we ever caught an alien, and even if we did, the government would surely cover it up in no time.
9. The Lost City of Atlantis- The Lost City of Atlantis is another mystery yet to be solved, but could it really be located in Bermuda Triangle? Two scientists have used submarines to explore the waters and claim that they have found the sunken city. It’s rumored that four pyramids and a few sphinxes were located. On the sphines, stones scripted in an unknown language were found but who wrote them and how did Atlantis end up in ruins? More unaccounted questions have been raised and the only way to find out is to conduct a mission to the lost city. The reality of that remains gray considering that mission might end up lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

8. Methane Gas- Tons of methane gas is actually confined underneath the Bermuda Triangle. When the seabed is disturbed, large amounts of the gas is released and it causes a drop in water density. This could be a reason of why ships sink due to the force that it delivers, potentially dragging the vessels underwater. No one knows how the gas got there, tanks of the gas could have fallen off ships and were released by landslides.

7. Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center- Located on the Bahama Islands, the American government has conducted a few experiments supervised under the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. The Navy carries out testing on their sonar and other top secret weapons, but not everyone thinks it’s just a testing center. Not much is known since is highly surveillanced and no one is permitted past a certain area of the testing center. Who knows what else they’re hiding there?

6. Christopher Colombus- We know Christopher Columbus to discover the new world, but not everyone knows that he was also the first person to document strange phenomena occurring in the Bermuda Triangle. On his voyage in search for new land, it’s reported that he saw mysterious balls of light magically appearing and had a hard time navigating as his compass was spinning wildly in different directions. He never took it seriously to what he saw in fear of ridicule by the King and Queen of Spain and others. I wonder what else he saw…

5. Wormhole- It’s rumored that a wormhole could be a cause in the unusual activity. A gravitational thrust surrounding Earth can cause magnetic pulls resulting in planes and ships to spontaneously lose power and control while navigating through sea. Scientifically speaking, not more is known and most likely remains a rumor, but I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. If ever discovered, wormhole would be the least of our problems.

4. Military Breach- It’s not common that cargo ships and airplanes go missing all the time in the Bermuda Triangle, unless it’s a military bomber. Five US Navy Avengers flew to the Bimini Islands from Florida, after ninety minutes, all communication went dead. Three planes were then sent to rescue the fourteen men flying but they were never found. As if things weren’t bad enough, the search rescue crew went missing. No bodies or aircraft have been and it remains the largest military loss of aircraft carrier in U.S. history. You would think the U.S. military would handle their machinery better.
3. Size is unknown- The Bermuda Triangle is actually quite in fact fairly large. It covers more than an area of 440,000 miles, but its surrounding outside area is as large as 1.5 million square miles. While the smallest areas is at least 500,000 square miles. Florida, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda each have different measurements how big the actual area is. Size is hard to determine through exact measurement and is estimated by frequency of the area, but you can still experience bizarre activity outside of the Triangle, even as far as 75,000 miles.

2. No formal research- With so many reported cases of disappearances and paranormal activity surrounding the triangle, no formal study has been made to assess the Triangle. Knowing more about the Bermuda triangle, could help scientists and researchers understand and answer so many questions. There have have a lot of conspiracy theories and written myths about the mysterious triangle, but all remain undisputed. Although the U.S. government doesn’t recognize the Bermuda Triangle as hazardous, no one is brave enough to investigate the location. I don’t blame them, considering no one ever returns from there!

1. It doesn’t exist- According the the United States Navy, the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t exist. It’s also not recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names. Even the U.S, Coast guard doesn’t acknowledge the area. It’s loosely located in the west of the North Atlantic Ocean. It hits three points in its vertices: Florida, Puerto and Bermuda, hence the name Bermuda Triangle, but it is unknown who gave it this name. With over 130 missing individuals unaccounted for and the Bermuda Triangle “supposedly” not existing, then where would they all go?