15 Bizarre Foods That People Actually Eat!

Top most disgusting foods in the world that people actually eat!

15. Sea urchin- If you want to know what the ocean tastes like, you can try uni also known as sea urchin. Sushi restaurants market the dish as an appetizer. The sushi is made from the reproductive organs of the sea urchin and it is prepared fresh and creamy. It is rolled into rice and wrapped with seaweed. You can top it off with soy sauce or eat it plain!

14. Cockscomb- You eat chicken legs, thighs and breasts. Now how about a rooster’s cockscomb? It’s that red crown like flame on a rooster and is actually an exquisite dish in Europe. The cockscomb can be added in any dish! It can be served in vegetable stew or can be presented with in rice pudding with various fruits. Although the cockcombe isn’t common in the United States, few select restaurants actually offer them.

13. Fugu- Fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish, and can actually be toxic to eat if not prepared carefully. Only trained chefs are allowed to cook the fish, but there are at least four cases of people who have died from eating the dish made incorrectly and forty cases of poisoning. A typical dish costs anywhere from fifty dollars a plate to $200 a plate for a full meal. The fugu dish is an extraordinary dish and at least fifteen restaurants serve it with twelve of those restaurants being in New York.

12. Kopi Luwak- Everyone needs their morning coffee to function right? Kopi luwak or civet coffee is actually partly digested coffee beans that have been pooped out by the Asian palm civet. It’s one of the most expensive coffees in the world and costs at least $700 per kilogram here in the U.S. Due to the specialty of the coffee, the palm civets have been placed under a close watch by PETA.

12. Haggis- Filled with a sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and diced with onions, spices, and broth; you have one of Scotland’s national dish. It doesn’t sound very appetizing, but Scotland natives love this stuff. Haggis imports are actually banned in the U.S. so if you’re dying to trying it then you’ll have to make your own variation, which shouldn’t be so hard to do.

11. Bird’s nest soup- This exotic soup is made up the edible bird’s nest sealed together by the saliva of a swift bird. This dish averages a cost of $2,500! The Chinese have been making it for over 400 years and believe that it’s high in protein and beneficial for a long life span. Imports of the soup have high restrictions and needs to have approval by the department of Agriculture and an import permit form from Customs. Geez, all that work for soup.

10. Casu marzu- This illegal cheese is made from sheep milk and is left to sit out for at least four weeks. Flies inhabit the cheese and burrow their eggs inside. After three months, the eggs hatch and the maggots eats the cheese and their stools creates a distinguishable taste. The cheese is still consumed while the larvae are still alive, if the flies are dead, that’s a sign that the cheese has gone bad. Make sure to thoroughly chew the cheese before you swallow because if eaten alive, the maggots can invade your body and tear through your intestines. Those who have eaten the delectable cheese have said the maggots moving around in your mouth creates a whole level of experience that you need to try for yourself. Mmm, no thanks, I’ll pass on that!

9. Wasp crackers- The Japanese call it senbei, it’s fun snack to nibble on, considering it’s jam packed full of wasps. It may not be love at first bite, but the wasps are baked into the cracker and have been described to taste like burnt raisins with a funny odor, but you supposedly can’t taste the wasps. You can purchase two bags of twelve crackers for seventeen dollars. Serve them to guests with a pot of hot tea!

8. Blood pudding- If you’re a vampire, then you’ll fancy some blood stew. This tasty stew typically contains pig kidneys, lungs, hearts, snout, ears and whatever else you can find, and is slow cooked in a dark vat of pig blood. It’s topped off with vinegar, chili and garlic to give it flavor, although I think the pig blood is just enough.

7. Giant water bugs- Although they look like cockroaches, they’re a bit smaller and are sauteed in chili sauce. They’re actually a popular food item in Southeast Asia and there’s a special way to eat them! First, you tear the wings off and pull the head off. Then you eat the white innards inside, it can get messy and sticky, but that’s all part of the fun. The taste is described as similar to runny scrambled eggs. Interesting comparison, I wonder what it smells like…

6. Fried Spider- I think everyone can agree that spiders are one of the creepiest creatures to ever walk the Earth…so imagine eating one?! In Cambodia, fried spider is a favorite street food of locals. It’s in deep fried in oil to give it that crispy crunch, then seasoned with garlic, sugar and salt to give it a tangy taste. Well no matter how you cook it, there’s no way I’m trying a spider!

5. Snake wine- Take drinking to a whole another level with snake wine. Venomous snakes are preferred, the snake is usually placed in the jar of wine and left to soak for many months. Or the snake’s body fluids and blood are mixed in wine. Don’t worry the snake venom is not lethal after it’s dissolved by the ethanol. Snake wine is believed to be high in medicinal value and is promoted to prolong a long and healthy life.

4. Balut- Believe it or not, this food is widely raved about in the Philippines and can be found anywhere there. It’s a bird embryo, boiled in hot water with salt. The fertilized eggs are kept warm until the egg begins its maturation cycle. After about two weeks, the embryo is cooked. As you peel the egg, you can see the partially developed bird, with only a small beak, a few feathers and underdeveloped bones, which can be quite shocking in the western world.

3. Bull testicles- Bull testicles are actually eaten in various parts of the world and can be cooked in many ways. It can be poached, sauteed, deep-fried or battered. The testicles are the castrated meat of the young bulls and are usually produced in the late-spring season. Bull testicles have been found in soups and pies. In America, bull testicles are breaded or deep-fried under the “Rocky Mountain oysters.” So, make sure what you actually order is correct.

2. Treated shark- It’s a national dish of Iceland and the shark is fermented for at least five months. This preparation process includes gutting and beheading a sleeper shark and covering in sand or stones. The shark’s fluids are juiced out and is cut into strips or cubes. First time eaters have described gagging at their first time because of the high ammonia. Famous chef Anthony Bourdain had described eating it as “the worst and most disgusting thing” he’s ever eaten. I’ll take his word for it.

1. Puffin heart- It’s prepared with a salad or the puffin heart is smoked and cured with herbs and spices. The locals practice “sky fishing” casting a big net to trap the birds. Currently, the birds aren’t under any legal protection, but have been described to taste best when marinated. This meal is sure to rip your heart out.