15 Craziest Things To Fall From The Sky!

Rain, snow, sleet… these are all things we expect to fall from the sky.  But what about turtle? Or a cow? Find out some of the weirdest things to ever fall from the sky

15. Apples- Cars and buildings were suddenly struck with gusts of apples in Keresley, Coventry. It startled people as the apples suddenly hit passersbys on the street. Locals had assumed that kids had thrown them as a prank or the apples could have fallen from a passing plane. More hypothetical theories would be that a tornado could have possibly picked up the apples from a nearby orchard and landed them there.
14. Worms- A woman was walking to work when she saw huge bundles of worms fall from the sky. Soon enough, clumps of worms started to fill the street in Norway. One theory for it raining worm chunks is that waterspouts have picked up the worms from vegetation and carried them out, eventually dropping them back down. Or that strong winds lifting the bundles of worms could be another cause. Thunderstorm updrafts can have speeds as high as fifty miles per hour; that’s strong enough to lift the little creatures.
13. Corn husks- In Kansas, more than tons of corn husks started spiraling from the sky. Residents describe the phenomena as puzzling, as they could not link it to any possible explanation. The were no reports of tornadoes or storms to carry in the corn husks and there weren’t any aircrafts flying the sky at the time. Some believe it was a practical joke done by their school rivals before a big game, but the rival schools made no comment. Nonetheless, Kansas locals describe their unusual event as fitting since it is Kansas, welcome to the land of Oz!

12. Frogs- In the last 20 years, reports of falling frogs have been made all across the world, in such places like Mexico, Great Britain and in Serbia. Climatologists say it’s actually not uncommon for it to rain animals, citing the weather to be a solution. Don’t worry about the frogs, because they fell unharmed and unscathed. The frogs are usually able to find their way back to their habitats and are able to swim to water with no worries.

11. Spiders- Raining spiders sounds like something out of a horror movie! In Brazil, people have reported spiders to be falling out of the sky. Batches of spiders were hanging down from poles and power lines. They started to craft webs around them, creating the illusion that they were floating in mid-air. As spooktacular as the sight may be, it’s actually normal. Territorial and social spiders group together and form large masses to make it easier to hunt.

10. Raw Meat- Kentucky experienced a meatier shower frenzy when flakes of red meat fell from the sky. The pieces of meat were either five centimeters or ten centimeters in length. Speculations claim the meat to be beef, but two gentlemen who tried the meat stated it was venison. The meat was also sent out for testing to the Newark Scientific Association. It was stated the meat was lung tissue belonging to a horse or either a human infant; it was too closely related in size to actually identify. A more favored solution to the falling meat was determined to be the cause of vultures vomiting their food and gorging it out while flying. Rain vomit definitely sounds gross!

9. Meteorite- You can really say the sky is falling when a meteorite exploded Russia. The destruction injured thousands of people and everyone was in a panic. Some people were able to catch footage of the meteorite shooting in the air creating a big flash of light and a sonic noise when it crashed. NASA claims that it is very rare and historic for meteorites to actually strike on land, because many of them fall into the ocean or in desolate areas. At least once a day, meteorites come crashing into the Earth’s oceans or deserts.

8. Money- Raining money would be a dream come true! People in Dubai were running into the streets as strong winds blew the money around, drivers even stopped their cars to catch the falling cash. Locals have no idea where the money would have came from. Dubai police arrived at the scene minutes after the spectacle and escorted people away.

7. Star Jelly- This gelatinous mass has been known to fall from the sky during meteor showers, but what exactly is it? The origin of the substance has been debated. It’s thought to come from the remains of frogs, worms, or the byproducts of cyanobacteria. Whatever it may be, the slimy jelly has been dated back to the 14th century.
6. Mysterious sphere- In Spain, mysterious spheres were found in a field and have believed to just have fallen down. The strange spheres were thought to be space debris and space artifacts but hasn’t officially been identified. With high speeds impacting the Earth, the balls of spheres were found in tact and actually relatively clean. Could these spheres be a link to extraterrestrial beings?
5. Flying turtle- Nicole Bjane escaped serious injury when a fallen turtle shattered her car windshield. A car in front of her had ran over the reptile and it flew into the air hitting her window. The turtle’s shell cut her forehead, giving her small cuts. She describes the flying turtle like a missile shooting right before her eyes. Even after being ran over and smashing into a windshield, the turtle miraculously survived. An EMT present at the site was able to place the turtle back into the water.

4. Falling cow- A Japanese crew was rescued from the sea after their ship sunk hours ago. However, after their rescue they were placed in jail until they were questioned about the loss of events. They claimed a cow had fallen out of the clear sky and struck their hull and immediately sunk their boat. The men were stuck inside the prison for weeks until the Russian Air Force confessed that of one of its cargo planes stolen a cow and forced it inside. The Russian crew shoved the cow out of the plane when they couldn’t control it. The poor cow spiraling out of control landed on the Japanese crewman’s ship.

3. Baby shark- A Virginia family was stunned to discover a small shark in their backyard. The shark measured thirteen inches and was identified as a dogfish shark or a sand shark. The shark couldn’t have swam there, so how did it get there? There’s a little mark on the side of the shark, implying that it was being carried by a bird. The family intended on keeping the shark inside their freezer to show off to their friends. The family states from there, they’ll decide they want to bury it or throw it out in the garbage.

2. Fallen angel- Indonesian fisherman rescued a floating beautiful doll in the sea, believing it to be an angel. He took it home, where his parents dressed the doll up took care of it like a real human. Villagers came to see the doll, as word quickly spread of the news. Police took the doll and inspected it, turns out the “angel” was actually an inflatable sex doll.

Blood- blood rain has been a strange phenomena dating back since 8th century BC. Blood rain was considered bad luck in ancient times, with those believing it was actually blood. Scientific explanations show different theories that dust caused the water to be red in color. We know now today that blood rain is caused by aerial spores of algae, although blood rain is still a scary sight to see if you’ve never seen it before.