15 Plastic Surgery Disasters!

People look to plastic surgeons when they want to change something about their appearance.  Unfortunately sometimes the results are less than flattering.

15. Carrot Top- He has extensively arched eyebrows and an overly masculine body. His crazed look is similar to Chucky the killer doll.  His possible plastic surgery has definitely garnered some attention, and although Carrot Top hasn’t actually confirmed about any of his body changes, his fans see to love him either way.

14. Jackie Stallone- Sylvester Stallone’s mother doesn’t look like she’s in her nineties at all. With great health, everything is looking good, except for her face! Having undergone cosmetic surgery, the overuse of Juvederm has made her look a chipmunk. She said in an interview that the fillers plump up your cheeks, giving high cheekbones for a younger look. Even though she admits the plastic surgery was a bad idea, she’s proud to be active in life and not stuck in a nursing home. At ninety two years old, she’s still going about her daily routine and still making appearances in show business.

13. Pete Burns- It seems like Pete Burns has a new face every time we see him. The 80’s rock star has had countless hours of cosmetic surgery. He sued cosmetic doctor Maurizio Viel for his horrible lip procedure and was able to reach an out of court settlement. Besides his lips, he’s gotten work done on his cheeks and a nose job. Burns once stated in an interview that he’ll continue with his plastic surgeries even if his face falls off. Now that’s something we don’t want to see!

12. Monique Allen- Where do I begin?! Monique Allen born a man, had her first gender reassignment at 22, and along the years kept putting herself under the knife. Her surgeries include more than seventy illegal back street operations, has had twelve liters of liquid plastic filled into her and has had breast surgery to achieve 38FFF breasts. Now after more than twenty nose jobs and over ninety operations later, she’s disabled and even struggles to walk. Monique wants to warn others about the dangers of plastic surgeries and to look to her as an example of how harmful they can be.

11. Michaela Romanini- Michaela Romanini looks like she just left the Jersey Shore. The Italian aristocrat started going to plastic surgeons at a young age and ended up with drastic results. Her constant lip injections and faulty botox kept her coming back for more, and now she has a completely new look that makes her look like an entirely different person.

10. Donatella Versace- It’s a good thing the fashionista is known for famous brand Versace, rather than her face. Her desire for clear, smooth skin and plump lips has made her look like a shiny wax figure. Excessive botox treatments and laser therapy is taking a toll on her skin and has created more sagging in her face than before. She doesn’t let other’s opinions get to her, as she’s still seeing cosmetic surgeons, with her previous work to be a neck lift and a cheek plumper. This cosmetic work definitely won’t be her last.
9. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff- The French twin duo is famous for their television shows, producing work…but have made headlines with their plastic surgery. It’s obvious that the plump fillers have left them with protruding cheekbones, prominent chins and balloon lips that look like they’re ready to pop at any moment. The twins haven’t made any public acknowledgements that they’ve had any cosmetic surgery done, but they continue to make social appearances at media gallas and appear on tv looking like cartoon caricatures.

8. Amanda Lepore- Amanda Lepore admits that she has taken plastic surgery to unusual lengths. At nineteen years old, she first went through a sex change, then got three boob jobs, butt implants and even had her ribs broken to attain a small waist size. With her figure being 38-22-38, she’s even gone through rhinoplasty, botox treatments, lip injections and a forehead lift to maintain her girlish body. With so many treatments done, she’s become the most famous transsexual in Hollywood.

7. Michael Jackson- The beloved king of pop will always be remembered for his legendary music, spectacular dance moves, crazy antics…and his shocking choice of looks. He started out by bleaching his skin, having botox injections, his cheeks and lips plumped, and ending it with a horrendous nose job. After one hundred operations later, he looked completely unrecognizable. The musical superstar also had his eyelids lifted and even started wearing a prosthetic nose after his fifth nose job to cover up the badly done operation.

6. Jocelyn Wildenstein- Jocelyn WIldenstein also known as the cat lady has spent at least a four million dollars to make her appear like a lion. She’s had dozens of surgeries which includes lip and cheek plumping, chin alterations, and lower and upper eyelid surgery to give her that cat eye look. Her desire to look like feline was inspired by her former husband, billionaire Alec Wildenstein who loved big cats.
5. Vishal Thakkar- After a divorce in 2006, Vishal Thakkar underwent a rhinoplasty procedure performed by doctor Angelo Cuzalina to help boost his looks. After his first surgery, he made various visits back due to breathing issues. After the eighth treatment of surgery to correct the problem, he woke up to find his nose completely gone! The doctor told him he had to make an unconscious choice to remove his nose due to the infection. His condition has left him breathing through a straw. Vishal Thakkar filed a lawsuit against the doctor and is hopeful to get his nose fixed.

4. Rajee Narinesingh- Transgendered woman Rajee Narinesingh terrified viewers when she appeared on the show “Botched.” The American reality television series features cases of “extraordinary plastic surgeries gone wrong.” Poor Rajee had cement and tire sealant administered in her lips and cheeks. This created lumps in her face and her cheeks have severely slumped, which makes it look like as if her face was melting off. The “Botched” doctors were able to help Rajee by removing the cement and help her on to a speedy recovery.

3. Hang Mioku- The South Korean model turned to cosmetic surgery to help beautify her appearance, but became so addicted to plastic surgery, that she literally ruined her face! The operations caused her face to grow rounder and after doctors refused to operate, she turned to the black market. She illegally purchased silicone and injected it on herself and after she ran out, she used cooking oil as a substitute, which left her horribly disfigured. She was left with a swollen face and head. She underwent another surgery to remove the two hundred grams of oil in her face and neck but the damage was irreversible. With the permanent damage done, she can no longer model and works at a recycled clothing store.

2. Erik Sprague- His desire to achieve a lizard appearance has him labeled a freak show. Erik has undergone through immense surgeries, such as having his tongue split in half and having dermals implanted in his skin to give his raised bumps, which is made to resemble look a reptile. Not to mention that he’s covered in numerous tattoos from head to toe, including his face and participates in sideshow acts. He doesn’t mind the growing attention and teaches others that being different is good.
Maria Cristerna- Anyone would definitely call this a nightmare! Maria Cristerna has gone through the ultimate body modification by transforming herself into a vampire. She’s gone through cosmetic surgery to have titanium horns placed on the side of her head, has dental work done to give her fangs and her body is completely inked up with tattoos. She travels the world as a disc jockey and demonstrates self expression by showing others her art.