20 Bizarre Things Found By Airport Security!

Craziest things found by the TSA and other airport security.  You won’t believe what people try to take on a plane

20. A pitcher of salami was taken away by airport customs in Europe. You heard that right, the passenger stated he was hungry and wanted a snack. The salami meat was cut up and placed inside the pitcher, creating a strange scene at the airport, he couldn’t have brought a sandwich instead?

19. A jug of GBL cleaner was confiscated from a Poland airport. The cleaning product was stored under a pile of clothes in the passenger’s bags. Although it was unclear to as why the passenger was carrying the cleaner, it was immediately taken away by TSA as it poses a chemical and hazardous threat to others. Liquids such as these aren’t allowed on carry ons, including perfumes and colognes.

18. Boxes of sexual enhancement drugs were discovered by TSA after a passenger tried to take it back to America. Artillery King, which is distributed by China is a type of Viagra that has intoxicating effects that employers and doctors won’t test for and is illegal in the U.S.

17. A passenger flying from Indonesia to Miami Florida, had dead bird corpse removed from their luggage, as a slight stench was also emitting from their bag. The bird was suppose to be a home decor ornament. I mean you could’ve gone to a taxidermist instead…

16. Bundles of counterfeit watches were confiscated by airport customs at Kennedy Airport in New York. Neatly and individually wrapped in small ziploc bags, the watches were counterfeit and were made to be sold out. The items were placed under surveillance as it could be used for spying or have other hidden uses. He should’ve stuck with a Rolex!

15. It’s normal to bring our cell phones everywhere with us, unless it’s actually a stun gun! Delivering a shock of up to 2,700,00 volts; the Kelin K95 is high in voltage and is masqueraded to look like a cell phone for unsuspecting victims. The stun gun cell phone is equipped with a keyboard and an LED light, and on the side a button that has the word “stun.”

14. Everyone knows guns aren’t permitted in our carry-ons, but this particular gun was found hidden inside a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy, along with other disassembled parts and ammunition in other stuff animal toys. Airport security had confiscated from the man traveling with his four year old son and claims he never even knew about the weapon.

13. A samurai sword was quickly confiscated by Boston’s airport security, when a passenger tried to take it on board. Samurai swords, along with knives, hammers, axes, and basically anything sharp, including nail files and even nail clippers!

12. A knife was found strapped on a walker in a JFK airport in New York, it wasn’t as big as the samurai sword, but the passenger still had to be apprehended. Well, I guess the elderly isn’t one to mess around.

11. TSA found themselves in a rut after a routine security check after they uncovered someone wearing a chastity belt. Airport security took it away after it was detected by the scanner. While it’s most definitely bizarre, it isn’t illegal. People should have the right to wear what they want free will, but there’s no definite answer on what is approved by the TSA. Although, who would want to wear that?!

10. Snakes on a plane! But unlike the movie, the snakes didn’t make it on board. Airport security found nylon bags filled with seven snakes stuffed down a man’s pants, along with a bag of tortoises. The snakes were taken by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and the man was arrested. Are those snakes in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Oh wait, they really are…

9. After TSA suspected something fishy from a passenger’s luggage, they were shocked to find live fish in all four of the person’s bags. The passenger had bought the fish from a local pet shop and were taking them home; the airlines had confiscated at least 240 fish of all different kinds of species and sizes.

8. A tube of cow dung toothpaste was confiscated by airport customs from a passenger flying back from India. Used to treat mouth blisters and mouth infections, although it doesn’t pose a serious threat to passengers, it’s not your usual household item and was taken away to be checked for hazardous material. Who would want to use this anyways?! Gross!

7.Security customs at the Gatwick Airport in the UK took away a bag of dried caterpillars,claiming it to be for personal use and consumption. Food and drinks of any kind are not permitted on flight, even if it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

6. A Hong Kong man was busted after he tried to smuggle in 94 iPhones! Chinese customs found the iPhone 5s and 6 models strapped all over the man’s body bound by duct tape. Apple’s iPhones and their production demand are becoming very expensive and with high import taxes, they can sell as high as $,1000 U.S. dollars. The price has created a business for the black market. There have been reports of at least 18 smugglers shipping in electronic products, which includes 282 iphones. This guy isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

5. Border police arrested a German professor after airport security found a human skull in this baggage. The professor, who was charged for illegal possession of the skull, claimed he bought the human remains from a market in Rome for fifty euros and wanted to study it for scientific purposes. It was sold to him polished but it was missing its lower jaw. The skull was sent back to Italy’s police to be identified.

4. U.S. customs and border protection arrested a Florida man after he tried smuggling cocaine as colorful Easter eggs in a Los Angeles Airport. The incident occurred two days before Christmas, which is a little late to be celebrating the holiday. With cocaine as going as high as $100,000 in street value, drug traffickers will do anything to bring in their gold. He should’ve smuggled in chocolate instead.

3. TSA in LaGuardia Airport, New York found a chihuahua stowed away in a passenger’s luggage. The owner was surprised and was unaware that her dog hid in her suitcase. The dog was alive and unharmed, and the passenger’s spouse was called to take the dog home. Apparently, he wanted to go on a trip too! Flying with our furry companions is usually no issue, as long as we check them in with our bags and their in a carryon crate.
2. A tiger cub found in a carry on bag inside a Thailand airport was alive but unconscious. The passenger attempting to smuggle the baby tiger was fined and sentenced to jail. Thailand’s Wildlife and Plant Conservation center gave him water, oxygen and milk, since he was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion from being suffocated in the suitcase. Animal smuggling and exotic pets could go up to as high as $100,000 U.S. dollars.

A baby was found on board on Air France airlines when a passenger saw the bag move. The cabin crew escorted the woman and the baby to the front of a plane for questioning. The baby did not have a ticket, this unfortunately isn’t the first time of babies being stowed away on planes, in one case, a couple hid their child in his baggage because he didn’t want to pay for another ticket. These people are unbelievable!