20 Weirdest Things Found At The Beach!

Seashells, seaweed, sand… these are all things we expect to see on the beach.  But people have found more than that by the ocean.  What about a giant eyeball or a mysterious creature?

20. The countdown takes a split to the Netherlands. A storm caused a few cargo containers to wash up the North Sea Islands releasing dozens of banana for dwelling beachgoers. Locals had grabbed bunches of bananas helping themselves to clean up the mess. It’s not entirely sure what happened to the bunches of unripe fruit but a beach official suggested that they be donated to neighboring zoos, or you could be like this little girl and take some home for a banana sundae!

19. While we’re still on the subject of food, more than hundreds of cases of Doritos landed on a North Carolinian beach. The packages were still sealed fresh and came in a variety of flavors from Cool Ranch to Nacho Cheese. As news of the chip landmine quickly spread, volunteers had no problem cleaning up. A Doritos spokesperson announced that they had tried to notify the container ship of the incident. High currents and storms are sometimes the cause of containers loosely spilling into the ocean as the impact can be high. Maybe burgers and beer will wash up on shore and we can have a full meal!
18. After a container spill in 1997, millions of Legos have been mysteriously appearing on the coastline of Cornwall. Some toys found include; a Lego dragon, octopuses, daisy flowers and various toy kits from RoboForce, Police, Divers, and Pirates. With Lego toys often resurfacing, environmentalists suggested scuba divers swim to the ocean floor to retrieve the pesky toys, claiming the deterioration of the plastic is harmful to the ocean. I mean, come on, it’s just Legos! It’s likely that sea currents are pushing the Lego Toys furthering into the North Sea. The findings of Lego toys have been a fun commodity, for collectors, kids and people of all ages.
17. A packing case of more than 20,000 rubber ducks have been drifting ashore to beaches like Alaska, Australia, Hawaii, South America and even in the Arctic. When the incident first occurred in 1992, beach goers are still surprised to find them more than twenty three years later. Scientists and climatologists have been using the rubber toys understand our oceans current patterns and tracking the orbit of the Earth! Keep floating on little duckies!

16. With one of the more grotesque things to appear on the countdown, detached human feet have been known to surface the shores of British columbia, Canada and in the U.S. With at least 15 reported cases, only five feet of four people have been identified as belonging to one woman, five men and one unknown. With the feet being found in sneakers such as Adidas, Reebok, and Nike. Proposed explanations believe that the feet may have been from suicidal victims or the deceased from a plane crash. The families of those who have been identified would like to remain anonymous. Investigations are still ongoing.

15. In 2012, a blue giant fresh eyeball was found on a Florida beach by Gino Covacci, a local passerby. When he stumbled upon the eye, he wrapped it in ice to be sent for testing. No, it doesn’t belong to the lochness sea monster, but experts conclude from the structure, size, and color of the eye that it belongs to a swordfish estimating that it was around at least 1, 200 pounds. Covacci describes the eye appearing to be “fresh….” when he first found it. Scientists think the mystery of how the eye ended up on land is possibly a fisherman may have caught the swordfish, gutted it, and cleaned it, then dumped the remaining parts back into the sea.

14. So birds habit the beach all the time right? Yeah but not dead ones! More than 7,000 birds scattered along the Alaskan coast. The most common specie affected is the common murre, with 80 percent of them making up the deaths. Starvation was ruled to be the cause as fish started disappearing due to the acclimating temperatures. With not enough prey to supply the birds, at least 2,000 are dying a day, although a certain number is hard to determine with many desolate areas in Alaska. The seabirds alarming death rate play a crucial role in disrupting the health of the ecosystem. Oh no, save Earth!

13. On the beaches of Washington, Oregon, Florida and California, Velella velella are drawing in massive crowds. The hydrozoans also known as “purple sailors” float onto the open sand after winds and warm water cause them to be pushed onto shore. Although, they are similar to the Portuguese Man-of -War jellyfish, they are nontoxic to humans, but should still avoid touching one’s face, eyes, and mouth after handling these jellyfish like creatures. They can grow up to 3 inches long, their bodies contain a clear flap which helps glide them softly onto shore.
12. In 2006, an unidentified sea monster was found by soldiers on a beach in Sakhalin, Russia. A Sakhalin Research officials thinks the animal was brought here by the warm current, settled to cool down and then died when it couldn’t get back into the ocean. It has been speculated to be various species such as Ganges River dolphin or a prehistoric bird. The creature exhibits fur and a beak, ultimately declaring it to be rare species. When photos of the monster surfaced, it caused social media eruptions in Russia, with some claiming that it is just a hoax, although the creature is still unidentified today and it hasn’t been seen since. As if sharks weren’t the least of our worries.
11. This hybrid creature lured beach inhabitants when it caused a speculation at Montauk beach, New York in 2008. Spectators claim that it has the legs of a raccoon, the face of a rodent, and a body of a sheep. Although more believable claims say it could be an ailing coyote that decomposed in the sea. Jenna Hewitt encountered the body when her and her friends saw others surrounding the body, and took photos which started a press coverage frenzy. It is still unidentifiable as the body remains in an unknown location after Hewitt claims she saw a man dragging it away. The monster has been discussed on Gawker Media, Conspiracy Theory, Ancient Aliens. On December 2014, a similar body appeared on Santa Barbara Beach, California. Maybe they know each other?!
10. This deceased carcass dubbed the “hell fish” was found on shore by those walking the beach. What makes it hell lookin is its razor sharp teeth fangs for ripping into its prey and its pointy spikes to impale its victims when it attacks. It’s the only known one of its kind, no one has been able to identify it and it has never been seen again.

9. After a typhoon in the Philippines, beach goers were surprised to see this giant snake wash up! The giant sea serpent looks like something straight of a Harry Potter movie, resembling the fantasy fictional basilisk, it took several beach locals to drag the rest of it on land. The size and width looks like something you can definitely ride into battle!
8. Grab your umbrella because it’s raining whale chunks! After a dead whale washed ashore, methane gas was used to get rid of the 3 ton rotting body. The explosion was dynamic that whale chunks landed in neighboring parking lots. It ended up being a messy catastrophe and took several day to clear the area of the leftover whale bits. Sounds messy!
7. I guess E.T needed to phone home after this replica; custom made for Margaret Well of Cosham, Hampshire, UK was found off Old Portsmouth coast. Handcrafted by her daughter nine years for a stage make up course, I think Steven Spielberg would be proud of the look-like. E.T was found safe, sound and a little brown and was returned to her after locals notified the coast guard thinking it was a mangled up body. Wells says, “I always knew he would come home.”

6. Down in Acapulco beach in Mexico, tourists have frightened by this…blob? That’s exactly what it is called as experts are still puzzled to figure out its identity. The body is more than 13 feet long and has started to decay. We see this local man poking the creature, but is still unresponsive as it’s being poked by stick. Experts may think it could be the innards of a sperm whale, maybe it’ll make a cameo in the movie Blob 2.
5. Down under in Australia, this crocodile, dolphin monster looks like a hybrid experiment gone wrong. But it’s actually a pike eel, that’s right, it’s not photoshopped! This menacing creature actually exists in in the sea depths of east Australia. They can grow up to six feet in length and can also be found through south east Asia.
4. After a tsunami caused devastating effects in Japan, this mysterious thing was washed ashore…Japanese locals don’t know if it’s even a sea creature, as the thing resembles more of a big boulder. Passersbys don’t dare to get too close to even inspect, as we just see this man observing a safe distance. Could this be Japan’s new Godzilla?
3. After Animal Planet had released the mockumentary “Mermaids: Body Found” there were reports of scientific team to investigate the unidentified body of a purported mermaid found ashore by a boy and his companion filming their discovery. Video footage seemed to capture that the “mermaid” was alive, but after airing, it was revealed that the scientists and found footage was just a hoax and they were just actors although, some viewers didn’t catch on right away that it was all faked!
2. Speaking of mermaids, this image of a marine body resembling the carcass of a mermaid body drifted ashore and was brought on land in Egypt. The head appears to be microscopic but the lower half mostly resembling the tail of a fish.

And lastly this skeletal remains is of a half human body and half fish?! Any footage and film was shut down by officials as soon as pictures started to emerge and there no known details. Eighty percent of the ocean’s floor remains unexplored so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were merpeople the government was trying to hide from us!