13 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit!

Some unusual and sometimes creepy places you can’t go

13. Lascaux caves- Located in France, these caves are most famous for it’s evidence of oldest fossils. The paintings inside are estimated to be 17,300 years old, consisting pictures of animals, human figures and symbols. It was first opened to the public in 1948, but as time passed, bacteria, carbon dioxide and other contaminants brought in by people, caused the paintings to be damaged. Unless you’re an archeologist, visitors are no longer allowed to visit inside the actual cave. Instead, visitors are allowed tours along the outside.
12. Coca Cola vault- When John S. Pemberton created the soda in 1886, he only shared it with a small ground of people and did not have it written down. After wealthy businessman Ernest Woodruff purchased the company, he had the previous owner’s son to document the formula. The secret formula is now housed inside a vault in Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola, protected by a huge steel-plated door, not even a bullet can penetrate it!

11. Google Data Center- Google’s first data is off limits to everyone, as it allegedly holds trillions of data records. It’s monitored by security as tight as any military and is being watched at all times. In total, there are nine data centers in the United States, two in Asia and four in Europe. The locations are secure and are kept running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
10. Area 51- Located in Southern Nevada, this United States Air Force base is kept in such secrecy that the U.S, government claims that it doesn’t exist. The base is surrounded by thermal and motion detectors. Security is so tight that intruders or individuals that got too close to the perimeter are arrested and detained for questioning. Employees at the base undergo strict background tests and their lives are constantly monitored. People have been speculated to see strange, flying aircrafts and claims of extraterrestrial lifeforms are hidden in the base. Whatever it may be, we will never know.
9. North Sentinel Island- Located in the Bay of Bengal, one of the Andaman Islands is home to the Sentinelese. They are one of the last few indigenous groups untouched by man. With a population of fifty to four hundred, they reject contact with any other people except their own. Any close encounters, and they will pelt you with stones and arrows. The island is off limits, as recent attempts to contact the islanders are met with death. One accidental contact resulted in the deaths of two fishermen, when their boat floated near the island.
8. Club 33-Disneyland isn’t just for kids! Club 33 is a private club located in the New Orleans Square of Disneyland. Club 33 memberships vary depending on what you get and is the only location that has alcoholic drinks. Members can receive early access to the park, have premier passports, and can attend private and exclusive events held throughout the Disneyland Resort. Members and their guests can also dine at the Le Salon Nouveau, an extravagant restaurant held inside the club. It may sound heavenly, but not anyone can just join. It has a fourteen year long waiting list for new members and there is an initial fee of $40,000, with $27,000 in additional fees members must pay throughout the year.
7. Svalbard Global Seed Vault- It is a secure vault that houses different types of seeds in case a natural disaster were to ever occur. The seedbank is most extraordinary because the seeds are all natural, and stored carefully and remain unexposed to ensure quality. It’s kept frozen inside a mountain, on a remote island between the North Pole and mainland Norway. No one can access the seeds, even researchers and various groups wanting the seeds, must request samples first.
6. Poveglia, Italy- It’s known as the island of madness, as it is considered evil and very haunted. It was mostly used to quarantine people infected with deadly diseases. Legend has it, those who were terminally sick haunts the island after their death. One myth claims a doctor allegedly experimenting on patients, jumped off the hospital tower after declaring ghosts drove him mad. There are over 100,000 people who died on the island and contains at least two plague pits. Poveglia is currently abandoned and remains forbidden by anyone.
5. Snake Island, Brazil- It’s a small island off the coast of Sao’ Paulo, Brazil. It is home to at least four thousand snakes, including the golden lancehead which is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The island’s land mass used to connect to the mainland, and high sea levels stranded the serpents. The snakes were able to reproduce quickly since there were no predators, but there weren’t many prey either, causing the venomous snakes to become more potent. It’s so dangerous that humans are forbidden to venture the island. Imagine filming “Survivor” on this island!
4. White’s Gentlemen’s club- It was founded in 1693, and remains one of the oldest and most exclusive gentleman’s club in London. It gained a controversial reputation due its devil-may-care behavior of its members. Women are strictly banned from the club, although an exception was made for Queen Elizabeth, when she visited in 1991. The club has a several year long waiting list and to become a member, your upholder must write in your in a leather bound book. At least thirty five other members must sign to ensure your place, those who dispute may write “never.”
3. Surtsey- It’s a volcanic island located off the coast of Iceland.It was named after Sutr, the mythological God of fire giants. In 1963, an underwater volcano erupted and a new island had formed. Ever since it was created, people and tourism is heavily restricted. Surtsey has now become a unique place for researchers to study the development of the land’s ecosystem.
2. Vatican secret archive- First created by Pope Paul V in 1612 and contains state papers and documents dating back since the eighth century. Some documents include, the famous Vatican trials, Protestant reformation’s doctrine,and the doctrine of Immaculate Conception. There have been many conspiracy theories of what’s actually being kept inside the archive. Although, we’ll never know since no one is allowed to access the archive. Researchers or qualified scholars wishing to obtain entry must need an introductory letter by a recognized university or by a qualified associate in the field. There are also strict limitations to what can be accessed, for example no documentations dated before 1939 can be viewed.
Room 39- North Korea is known for being an isolated country and their strict regime and harsh punishments are none to mess with; so it’s interesting to see what else they’re hiding. Room 39 is a secret party organization that finds ways to maintain the foreign currency reserve for the country’s leaders. Not much is known about it, but it is believed that there are at least ten to twenty bank accounts in Asia and Europe to pursue illegal financial activities. It is also rumored that the organization is involved in smuggling drugs and housing black market weapons. North Korea denies any illicit activity. The organization directly operates under Kim Jong-un and it is known that they have at least 120 foreign trade companies.