13 Most Amazing Ghost Towns!

Creepy places people don’t live anymore

13. Deception Island, Antarctica- Named Deception Island because it is exactly just that. It use to house ships safely in its harbor until whale oil prices rose extremely high, causing the entire area to be abandoned. Left behind are rotting boats, wood gutted buildings and an eerie cemetery honoring forty five whalers who died there. The island today is a tourist spot as well as a research facility conducted by Spain and Argentina. Tourists are able to see chinstrap penguins and a deteriorating factory of what once was a successful operation.
12. North Brother Island, New York- One of two islands, North Brother Island in New York remains abandoned while South Brother Island is still in operation. The first facility built there was Riverside Hospital which opened in the 1850’s to treat those affected by smallpox and typhoid. Following World War II, the island was home to many war veterans until it was abandoned again. Many of the facilities there continued to close and it is now a bird sanctuary, which is strictly off limits to the public.

11. Bodie, California- One of the more popular known ghost towns in in the Bodie Hills, in Mono County, California. It was a mining camp thanks to the booming discovery of gold and was expected to flourish. However mining profits and a declining financial growth caused a shutdown in all facilities. It is now a historical and popular destination for travellers; which is maintained by the California State Parks, who took over the town in 1962 to keep it operating.
10. Hashima Island, Japan- It’s a forgotten world, that was once filled with schools, hospitals, stores and restaurants until coal mining operations ceased and the island was abandoned in 1974. Today it is a tourist attraction to serve as a reminder of the beautiful city, forever engrained by its monumental architecture and urban scenery. Buildings are quickly deteriorating due to weather conditions and everything is left virtually untouched. It’s hosted as a heritage sight and visitors describe the place as a spooky and dreadful, full of death and decay. It definitely sounds like a depressing place to visit.
9. Seattle Underground, Washington- Believe it or not, the current city of Seattle was built on top another version of Seattle! In the 19th century, a massive fire spread and destroyed almost literally everything, that rebuilding the city was out of question. After many years and heavy planning, the new Seattle was built and tourists are even able to take tours on the abandoned underground city and it’s charred remains to get a feel of the ghost town.
8. Varosha, Cyprus- It used to be one the Mediterranean’s glamorous resorts until foreign power and politics caused the area to be abandoned after it was invaded. Dozens of hotels, houses and businesses have remained empty since 1974, leaving most of the structures there in ruins to remind the people of what it once was. The only people who are allowed access to the ghost town are Turkish Armed Forces, although it is rumored that is will be set to open in the next forty years.
7. Centralia, Pennsylvania- Originally a mining town, a huge fire in 1962 caused operations to be stopped. However, the fire has ceased to burn and is continually burning leaving the roads to crack open and holes in the ground will show the fire. Residents have since evacuated the town and it is no longer accessible by road. For more than twenty years it’s been closed off and the remains of the town are expected to continually burn for another 250 years due to the mass supply of coal that is fueling the fire, literally making it look like a scene from a horror disaster film.
6. Craco Basilicata, Italy- It was once a beautiful medieval town full of history dating back to 1000 A.D, until natural disasters made it impossible to settle there. It survived for over a thousand years, even living through the plague and being robbed by bandits and thieves. Series of earthquakes forced most of the population to move elsewhere, although most residents were hesitant to leave the city. It was finally abandoned in 1963, with a population of 1,800 people that relocated in another town, a few kilometers away. Tourists can still visit the town and roam as they please, as long as they’re willing to face another earthquake during their stay.
5. Pripyat, Ukraine- With 50,000 residents living in Pripyat at the time, it’s hard to believe that it’s a ghost town now. For almost thirty years it has stood alone and empty, due to the disastrous Chernobyl power plant nuclear failure. No one has returned to the city except for scientists and journalists due to the high radiation levels, leaving some of the most iconic places untouched like the Pripyat Amusement Park.
4. Homebush Bay, Australia- It’s mostly known as the home of the Olympic Stadium, but tourists are captivated by the sight of a floating forest that also inhabits the waters. It’s also creepy and eerie ship graveyard. Covered in fully grown mangrove trees is a 102 year old ship, the 1,100 ton ship was abandoned there after World War II, as it was used to transport supplies to American troops in the Pacific Ocean.
3.Poveglia Island, Italy- It’s known as the island of madness, as it is considered evil and very haunted. It was mostly used to quarantine people infected with deadly diseases. Legend has it, those who were terminally sick haunts the island after their death. One myth claims a doctor allegedly experimenting on patients, jumped off the hospital tower after declaring ghosts drove him mad. There are over 100,000 people who died on the island and contains at least two plague pits. Poveglia is currently abandoned and remains forbidden to enter by anyone.
2. Island of Dolls, Mexico- Deep into a remote wooded area lies an abandoned and lonely island for a good reason of course. When Julian Santana Barrera settled in Xochimilco, Mexico city to live alone in peace, he found a corpse of a young girl and her doll and the events that happened after were far from peace. He stated that he felt haunted by her spirit and hung her doll and other dolls to ease her spirit, but kept being tormented by her until his death. Today, tourists are able to journey to the abandoned island and there are claims of the dolls “whispering” to them. It’s a disturbing sight and travellers are even able to leave their dolls as an offering to the young girl’s spirit.
1.Sanzhi Pod City, Taiwan- It may look like the new face of a futuristic civilization, but the Sanzhi District all remains empty. The pod houses or ufo homes were built in 1978 and were intended to be vacation homes but investment losses, suicides and car accidents caused the project to abandoned. Supposedly, it is cursed by the Chinese dragon artifact located by the gates that was unfortunately broken, or haunted by the Dutch soldiers that were buried there. Due to their unusual structure, it has become a tourist attraction and is also known as the “ruins of the future.”