15 Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed!

We all know and love celebrities but they also came from families with brothers and sisters who we surprisingly almost never hear about!

15. Jake Paltrow- He’s the younger brother of Gwyneth Paltrow and has made a name for himself in Hollywood as a film director and screenwriter. He’s directed a few episodes of NYPD Blue and even directed the movie The Good Night starring his own sister. His latest work included filming De Palma, which was featured at the Venice Film Festival. He says he mostly sticks to directing rather than acting. He says making movies is like creating a personal story and arranging them in a way that isn’t held by reality; your imagination can run free.

14. Hunter Johansson- Who would’ve known Scarlett Johansson had a brother, let alone a twin?! Hunter is the younger twin and he’s made several appearances on the red carpet with his sister. He mostly shines away from the spotlight but is known for his humanitarianism and some political work. He worked on Barack Obama’s re-election and campaign in 2008. As well as organizing community events for Scott Stringer, who is Manhattan New York’s borough president. Growing up in New York, he still advocates for the families who lost loved ones in the September 11 attacks. If Hunter were to ever run for office, I think we would be in good hands.

13. Alex Watson- He’s basically the male version of Emma Watson and teen girls around the world couldn’t be happier. He played an extra in a Harry Potter film and also models! Alex has modelled for Silhouette and Burberry’s spring collection alongside with his sister. He states that being handpicked by Storm modeling management surprised him the most because he never pictured himself being a model. He actually wanted to be a journalist when he was younger naming Louis Theroux as an inspiration. He also says he has a hidden talent of speaking backwards…basically saying his words backwards.

12. Shannon Leto- He’s famously known as the drummer of Thirty Seconds to Mars. He helped form the group back in 1998 with his younger brother Jared Leto! He says he draws his inspiration from other bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Cure. Thirty Seconds to Mars was also awarded the Guinness World Record for having 300 shows, which is the most any band has had during a single album cycle. The music group is a huge success and when Shannon isn’t busy rocking out, he also dabbles in some acting. He’s been featured in movies like Prefontaine and Highway.

11. Christian Dunst- I totally forgot Kirsten Dunst had a brother! Actually, I never knew. The actress has acclaimed such Hollywood success that her brother prefers to stay out of the limelight. Christian Dunst is Kirsten’s younger brother. He was born in 1987 and has made a few appearances with her. They were spotted by paparazzi grocery shopping in Los Angeles, I know that’s nothing fancy but the siblings like to spend quality time together no matter what. They both like to work out together, as Kirsten Dunst likes to stay fit for her movie roles. They also go out to eat as well as spending time together at home.

10. Antonia Kidman- She’s the younger sister of Nicole Kidman, and even though Nicole had a breakthrough career in the United States; Antonia has made a name for herself in Australia. She’s a journalist and has even worked for NBN Television as a new reporter. She was presented with the Favorite Female Personality award in 2008 at the ASTRA awards and she’s also the ambassador for Book China Online which is a Chinese travel agency. Antonia is also heavily involved in the community which includes, the Royal Hospital for Women, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Taronga Zoo foundation in Sydney.

9. Mandi Gosling- Ryan Gosling is a Hollywood hunk, known for his romantic role in The Notebook. What many people don’t know is that he has an older sister named Mandi. The siblings are very close and have been sighted at a few entertainment events together. Ryan Gosling is a family man so he includes Mandi in a lot. She’s mostly been spotted hanging out with her nieces Esmeralda and Amada which means beloved in Spanish. I guess she really loves being an aunt.

8. Michael Levine- He’s the brother of Maroon 5’s vocalist Adam Levine. The brothers share a really close bond and Adam is a huge supporter of gay rights, since Michael came out. The two brothers have rallied together to spread positivity about coming out and advocating for the LGBT community. He currently lives in Los Angeles California and is pursuing a career in performing arts. His most recent appearance was in “Bare” at the Hudson theater in Hollywood. It’s no doubt that these two brothers are both stunningly handsome and Michael is even planning to open up an online jewelry store.

7. Joshua Alba- Aside from being known as Jessica Alba’s younger brother, he’s also in the entertainment industry. He’s mostly known for playing Krit in the Dark Angel series and has had minor roles in tv shows such as Life, Monk and The Division. He’s also starred in a few films like Alpha dog, Kill Speed and Hyenas. He states that they’ve very close and recalls of an incident when he crashed his parents car. The first person he called was Jessica. He’s very supportive of his sister’s acting career and states that he was dragged along to her auditions because she had no one to watch over him. Awh, what a great big sister!

6. Trey Smith- Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are a successful Hollywood couple that also have affluent children. We all know about Jaden and Willow Smith, but Will Smith also has another son named Trey. He seems to be the invisible sibling that no one knows of, but nonetheless he’s formed a career of his own. He’s an aspiring DJ who works under the name AcE. He’s already released a few songs and Jaden and Willow are the stars in his music video for Find You Somewhere. He’s flourishing in his music career and plays regularly in nightclubs across the U.S.

5. Don Swayze- Although they look like twins, he is the younger brother of late actor Patrick Swayze. He’s had a booming career with roles on big shows like, The X-Files, Days of Our Lives, NCIS and Murder She Wrote. His most memorable appearances include, Criminal Minds, True Blood and Sons of Anarchy. He’s also appeared on stage and has acted in two soap operas. In his spare time, he likes to skydive and is an avid cyclist. He enjoys racing cross country mountain bikes for fun.

4. Monica Cruz- She’s the younger sister of Penelope Cruz and a dancer. She was with a flamenco dance company for seven years until she left in 2002, to become an actress. One incident required her to stand in as Penelope during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, since Penelope was visibly pregnant and could not appear on camera. When Monica was asked if there was any sister rivalry between them, she states that her and Penelope have a really good relationship and she values her family a lot. Both of the sisters gave birth to babies months apart and enjoy spending time together when they’re not working.

3. Chimene Diaz- Between their good looks, blonde hair and flashy smiles, it hard to believe that Cameron Diaz and her older sister Chimene are not twins. Although she may have a famous sister, Chimene isn’t planning a career in the entertainment industry anytime soon, as she prefers privacy. She is also rarely seen in the Hollywood tabloids but doesn’t mind making appearances with Cameron on the red carpet. The sisters state they have an incredibly strong bond and live close to each other so they can spend time together.

2. Lynda Lopez- Born and raised in New York, she has a prosperous career in radio and tv after following her famous sister’s footsteps, Jennifer Lopez. Lynda worked in radio as a dj and a news anchor. She’s also co anchored on Fox 5 and co anchored the weekend news on WWOR-TV. She chooses to remain out of the Hollywood scene unlike her sister, ultimately leaving television news altogether. She enjoys being an aunt to Jennifer Lopez’s twins and the two sisters love to shop together on their spare time. Jennifer Lopez has also praised her younger sister for raising her daughter as a single mom.

1.Doug Pitt- He’s an investor, businessman and Brad Pitt’s brother! I know it may sound hard to believe, but they really are related. Brad Pitt actually has two brothers and a sister but Doug is mostly the only one who makes appearances with Brad. All siblings have projects in Africa which includes hunger missions, building schools and making clean water. He has many businesses in different services, like real estate and business technology. He’s also heavily into cycling and advocates bike safety.