15 Deadliest Birds in the World!

Birds may seem harmless but if you think about it they are basically modern day dinosaurs

15. Seagulls- Also known as rats of the sea, seagulls love flocking the beach to find leftover food and items left by people. One or two of them isn’t that bad, but a whole swarm of them might cause you to run. Seagulls aren’t usually prone to attacking humans, unless you get too close to their young. One woman in Britain was rushed to the hospital after seagulls pecked her head.
14. Pelicans- Pelicans are harmless to humans, unless you’re trying to find them. One man tried to feed a pelican and ended up trying to swallow his whole hand. Pelicans are often playful and curious, but invoking them can lead them to attacking you. If you tease them for food, they’ll definitely charge at you and chase you. Seagulls let out low squawks when they feel threatened, so keep a look out for those warning signs.
13. Crows- Crows already have a bad reputation, so the best thing to do is just stay away from them. Crows can get aggressive and are also very territorial. They are mostly prone to attack during spring to early summer due to nesting season. Crows also have the unique ability to remember human faces, so if you agitate one bird, all the birds will watch you to see what you’re doing.
12. Vultures- Usually these birds wait out on their prey to die until they go in to eat, but in Europe there are at least forty claims of vultures attacking farm animals and pecking at them until they died. One farmer stated he saw a group of vultures charge at a cow and eat it while it was still alive. With food shortages on the rise, it seems like these birds are fanning across Europe to scavenge whatever they can find-dead or alive! These birds have a wingspan of at least seven feet and their claws and beaks are razor sharp; enabling them to rip through flesh. There are no official reports of vultures assaulting humans, but don’t deny that they can’t do serious damage.
11. Falcons- Just like any other bird, falcons are also very protective of their territory and will charge at anyone when they feel vulnerable. They have unique hook shaped beaks that are powerful enough to cut through the spinal cord of their prey. Falcons injuries aren’t common to humans will still attack if in danger. One report states of a falcon attacking a dog, when the dog ran towards it. The dog was left with bleeding ears and paws….don’t mess with falcons!
10. Hawk- Hawks are birds of prey, they have incredible eyesight and are considered one of the more intelligent animal species. Hawks carefully trace their prey while in flight and silently swoops down to catch their victim. Hawks have huge talons and can deliver excruciating pain when they strike.
9. Rhea- They are smaller than ostriches, with a height of four to five feet and weighing at least sixty to eighty pounds. They are flightless and naturally calm, but don’t think twice to take on this bird. They have strong legs and robust feet that can pack a forceful kick to send you into another dimension! It is said that if a rhea were to ever kick a human, it would be able to deploy around eight hundred pounds of force! That’s more than enough to leave you with a damaged ribs, broken bones and a head concussion.

8. Condor- The Andean Condor has a wingspan of over ten feets and weighs over forty pounds, making it as one of world’s largest bird. They are graceful in flight but can still rip you to shreds if you were to ever come face to face with one. In one case a three year old girl was attacked by a condor at the Columbus Ohio zoo. She was left was various injuries and puncture wounds.
7. Barred Owls- Barred owls have been known to attack humans when they feel that their young is in danger. Joggers running in park report the attack as “hazy” since they attack very fast and sudden. Barred owls will swoop down on people to scare them away, but only a small percentage actually gets clawed or attacked. One jogger describes an owl’s claws sharper than a knife tip. Barred owls usually calm down after the mating season is over, so it’s best to encounter them after spring.
6. Blue-capped Ifrit- It is native to the rainforests of New Guinea and only measures 16.5 cm long. It is yellow in color and has a blue or black crown. They may be cute and small, but don’t let their size fool you! These birds are actually poisonous. Batrachotoxin is in its feathers and skin and can cause tingling and numbness in those who pick who the bird. The toxin comes from its diet, mainly coming from beetles and the sting is described as eating 5 hot chili peppers.
5. Ostrich- The ostrich is the world’s largest bird. Although they can’t fly, they can run up to speeds of sixty miles per hour! Their long and powerful legs act as menacing, defensive tools. When intimidated, they can release a kick so strong that it can kill a human!

4. Swans- Swans have no problem attacking those who invade their territory. Swans don’t pose a real threat to humans, they just want to ensure that their babies are safe. The only bad part is that they’ll actually chase you down no matter how far you run! As long as you mind your own business, swans will walk away but aggravating will cause you a lot of damage. When they attack, they’ll constantly bite on your head and arms, and they’ll flap their wings into your face so you can’t see where you’re going to.
3.. Antarctic Giant Petrel- They spend most of their time on land scouring for food, and feeding on the dead whale or seal carcasses. With competition for resources, they have no difficulty locating food, even if it means luring another animal off to its death. Viewers could feel their heart break, when National Geographic aired footage of a giant petrel dragging a helpless chinstrap penguin. The poor penguin suffered a tortuous death as it was being eaten alive.
2. Cassowary-This bird is just like any other bird, except for their dagger-like claws that can tear your insides out! They can grow up to six feet tall and and weight over one hundred pounds. On its feet contains one long claw that is five inches long. Cassowaries are actually shy creatures and try to avoid human contact but one rip from its claw can cause you to bleed out a slow death.
Eagle- This majestic bird is a vicious predator in the wild. They are exceptional hunters and uses its eyesight and talons to sweep in on unsuspecting animals. It can carry up to a weight of four pounds and have been known to symbolize power. They have the capability to attack small animals and even kill bear cubs. In May 2008, an eagle managed to badly injure a small boy, leaving cuts all along his mangled body.