15 Most Shocking World Records!

People are absolutely amazing and these video shows just how awesome they can be.

15. Tightest Frying Pan Roll- It’s an unusual record, but a unique one. The tightest circumference of a thirty centimeter aluminum frying pan rolled with bare hands was achieved by Scott Murphy. He performed the feat in front of a live audience at the NXB Team Training Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was able to roll the frying pan in thirty seconds with no problem. I can’t imagine attempting to roll a frying pan since I already struggle trying to open a water bottle.
14. Fastest Time to Run On All Fours- Japanese athlete, Kenichi Ito holds the Guinness World Record for running the fastest time on all four limbs. He ran one hundred meters in 15.71 seconds in the Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo. He beat the last contender by fifteen seconds. Kenichi worlds as a janitor and says he mops floors on on all four limbs to get a hang of practicing his four limbed running ability. Overall, he spent nine years learning how monkeys walk, run and move.
13. Most Big Mac Eaten-You can’t get more American than Don Gorske. From Wisconsin, he is best known for having eaten over twenty six thousand Big Mac hamburgers from McDonald’s. He has spent over forty years of his life and ninety percent of his total solid food intake on just the Big Macs. Despite eating all the fatty burgers, he claims that he has no known health issues and continues to consume the burgers everyday. He’s made appearances in the documentary “Super Size Me” and even released a book about his life called, “22,477 Big Macs.”

12. Most Snails on Face- Eleven year old Fin Keleher set this record a party to celebrate his birthday. Family and friends gathered to watch, as eighty seven snails were faced on his place. The previous record has a snail count of thirty six to forty three, making Fin the new record holder. He says he isn’t grossed by snails like most people, and knew he could do it. No snails were harmed in this world record attempt.
11. Largest Collection of Belly Button Lint- This is probably one of the more grossest thing on the countdown. Since he was nineteen years old, librarian Graham Barker has accumulated over 22.1 grams navel fluff. That fills three jars with the first jar dating back to 1984. He’s held this Guinness World Record for several years, considering there’s not a lot of competition for this title. He says he’s gathered his belly lint while waiting for the shower to warm up and reassures that it never goes moldy. Well…that’s nice to know.
10. Widest Mouth- Francisco Domingo Joaquim is also known as the Angolan Jaw of Awe, thanks to his large mouth. His mouth measures 17 centimeters and is so wide the can even fit a Coca-Cola can inside his mouth! His Youtube Videos became a media sensation and it took two years before Guinness World Records traced him in Angola, Africa.
9. Stretchiest Skin- Gary Turner has the stretchiest skin in the world, stating that he can use his belly as a table. He has a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that has weakened his skin. His skin is twice as thin as regular skin and demonstrates its elasticity by pulling them apart with heavy duty clips. Usually, people with this disorder just impairs people’s joints and blood vessels but his case is exceptionally rare.
8. Farthest Eyeball Protrusion- Kim Goodman discovered her bizarre gift when she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. She noticed her eyeballs were able to pop out further than a normal length; and learned that she could pop them out on cue, and even when yawns. Guinness World Records states that her record is unbeatable and has held the title since 1997.

7. Most Driving Tests Failed- After her story became international Cha Sa-soon shocked people around the world when they learned she failed her driving test over nine hundred times. She failed the written portion of the exam at least 949 times. She had difficulty understanding most of the terminology and remembering the laws. News of her story quickly spread like wildfire. It took her at least three years to finally pass- on her 960th try. When she got her license Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group was able to present her with a brand new car, thanks to an online campaign. Surprisingly Ms. Cha’s name means vehicle in Korean. Nonetheless, she showed the world that if you keep trying, you can do it, even if it takes over a hundred times.
6. Longest nails- Lee Redmond becomes a public spectacle thanks to her long and gnarly fingernails. She hold the record for longest nails on a woman. The measure a total length of 8.65 meters and even manicures them daily. She first started growing them out in 1979 and challenged herself to see how long she can grow them. Unfortunately, she lost her long nails in an automobile accident in 2009, describing it as losing a part of herself. She’s currently trying to grow out her fingernails again.
5. Most Flexible Woman in the World- Julia Gunthel also known as Zlata is a contortionist and the unique ability to stretch her body in the most extreme means. She can equally bend both forward and backward with no injury. Her ligaments has the same ligaments as a baby and doesn’t harden so she’s able to bend her body any way she wants! Her moves are so unique, that she has baffled doctors on her eye popping abilities to move in such ways. She’s mostly known for her unique talent to pop balloons with her back! She hold the world record for bursting three balloons in twelve seconds.

4. Most Live Rattlesnakes Held in Mouth- Jackie Bibby is quite a daredevil. In front of a live audience, he held thirteen live snakes in his mouth. Holding them by their tail, he kept them there for thirteen seconds. Thankfully he wasn’t bit. He also holds the record for sharing a bathtub with 195 snakes and holds a shocking record of being in a sleeping bag with 109 venomous snakes. Although it’s dangerous and insane, he doesn’t seemed unfazed, which makes him the perfect man to perform these crazy feats.

3. Full Body Ice Contact- Wim Hof from the Naarden Netherlands has spent the longest time in direct contact with ice. His full body was immersed in the icy grave for one hour, fifty three minutes and two seconds. Hypothermia was a main concern so his vitals and condition was quickly examined by doctors. He has held this record sixteen times in the past and also holds the record for the fastest half marathon run barefoot on ice and snow. They should just call him the iceman!
2. Most Lightning Strikes- Ranger park Roy Sullivan may be considered unlucky to many. He’s nicked the “human lightning rod” because he was struck by lightning on seven different occasions and miraculously survived all of them. The first case was in 1942 and the last lightning strike was in 1977. He said these incidences saddened him because people started to avoid him in fear that being too close would cause them to be hit by lightning too. Unfortunately, he shot himself when he was 71 years old over unrequited love. His two ranger hats are on display the Guinness World Exhibit Halls.
Buried Alive- Being buried alive is anyone’s worst nightmare. Zdenek Zahradka, also known as Fakir Ben Ghan spent ten days buried alive. He performed the stunt during the European Magic Festival in Jaroma, surviving by being able to breathe through a ventilation pipe. He said while being buried he had a lot of time to meditate about the meaning of life and to make the best of every day. He also commented that the most hard part of being buried alive was the extreme thirst, with the last two days being the most challenging. Doctors monitored the magician around the clock and said he lost nineteen pounds.