15 Natural Phenomena You’ve Never Seen!

It’s a crazy world we live in and here are some amazing aspects of it

15. Monarch Butterfly Migration- It looks like something out of Disney movie, but the monarch butterfly migration takes place every year. The butterflies will fly from Canada or the U.S. to spend their winter in Mexico, which is warmer. Then they fly back and lay eggs for the next generation during the migration. It’s a spectacular sight to see, if you’ve never seen it before.
14. Christmas Island Red Crabs- No it’s not an attack of the killer crabs, it’s actually a mass migration to reach their breeding ground to have their babies. This migration takes the crabs on a perilous journey to the sea; along the way they have to avoid being crushed by cars and being lunch for birds. Thousands of park conservationists, residents and nature lovers gather each year to ensure the crabs get to their destination. CNN has listed this incredible phenomenon to be one of the most incredible wildlife migrations.

13. Light Pillars- This atmospheric light phenomena has created reports of false ufo sightings. It’s created by a reflection of light from countless ice crystals trapped in the clouds. These halo of beams can come from the Moon, Sun or even a streetlight.
12. Rainbow Eucalyptus- It may look like someone painted these trees, however that isn’t the case. When patches of the outer bark of the tree start to shed, the colors reveal another color underneath. It then darkens and it results in multiple colors like blue, purple or orange. In the U.S, the rainbow tree is only found in Hawaii and in the southern parts of Texas, Florida and California.
11. Spotted Lakes- Spotted lakes may give you the impression that you’re on another planet. They are rich in minerals and contain numerous properties like calcium and magnesium sulfate. When the water in the lake evaporate, it unveils the mineral deposits all over the lake. Due to spotted lakes being a ecologically sensitive area, visitors aren’t allowed on the lake but can view from a distance.
10. Fairy circles- There not actually created by fairies; it’s caused by an arid grass formation. It’s basically circular patches of land are encircled by a ring of grass. It’s hard to determine what actually causes the grass to form this way, one theory is that the vegetation is in competition for water, so the plants organize themselves to maximize all the nutrients they can get.
9. Underwater crop circle- We mostly see crop circles on land but not underwater. This strange phenomena puzzled scientists until they were able to finally determine how it was created. Thanks to the mating ways of male pufferfish; they have created these crop circle to attract females. Male pufferfish spend seven to nine days building these circles and using their fins to move sand around. Sounds like exhausting work, I hope he got a happy ending!
8.Flammable ice bubbles-It may look pretty, but these ice bubbles are highly flammable, containing toxic methane gas. Be careful not to pop them as there can be deadly effects. Plants on the lake release methane gas and freezes and it nears the cold surface of the lake. The lake is dangerous as methane is a deadly gas and twenty times more hotter than carbon dioxide.
7. Fire rainbows- There aren’t actually any fires or rainbows involved. Formed by the refraction of the sun or moon light, this optical phenomenon is makes it look like as there are flames streaking in the sky. The technical term for this colorful show is circumhorizon arcs and can actually be pretty big sometimes.
6. Frost flowers- Frost flowers are formed when batches of ice crystal clump together from water vapor. The pattern is unique and rare. The thin layers are rolled up resembling a flower petal. Weather conditions have to be just right for frost flowers to “bloom.” Late fall and early winter are the perfect time to across them.
5. Goats in trees- Goats in trees would be a bizarre sight to see, but in Morocco that’s exactly what you would see. They just don’t climb them for fun, but to eat the tasty fruits off the Argan tree. Locals stand and watch at the spectacle and even pick up the seeds spat up by the goats. The seeds are collected to make argan oil used in beauty products and cooking.

4. Bioluminescent waves- Thanks to glowing phytoplankton, their light can be seen all over the ocean causing the waves to sparkle in the night. This spectacular phenomena has attracted tons of visitors to visit the beach and enjoy the sea of stars. It has been observed on beaches all over the world, including California and the Maldives.

3. Door to Hell- Also known as the gate to Hell, it’s a natural gas field that collapsed and geologists have set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas. Since then it has been burning continuously; becoming a popular tourist attraction. It’s as big an American football field and is pretty scary considering it’s been burning on its own for more than thirty years.
2. Dirty thunderstorms- Volcanic eruptions mixed in the lightning can create these crazy sequences of Earth’s terrifying and breathtaking natural phenomena. The eruption and sound waves can either thrill you or shock you; as it can be surprisingly strong. People have been known to travel to Sakurajima; a volcano frequent in lightning eruptions to capture photos of the thunderstorms.

Lake Natron- Lake Natron in Tanzania has become a display of solidified animal corpses. It has a high soda and salt content, that causes the bodies to preserve and calcify when they dry. The end up rock hard and perfectly etched together. There are numerous campground near the lake that tourist often visit, but don’t even think about setting foot in the water. The salt lake is also boiling hot and can reach up to 140 degrees fahrenheit. That enough to melt your skin off. It has become a popular destination spot for photographers, who enjoy capturing the strange phenomena.