15 Strangest Animal Incidents!

Weird and bizarre situations with our favorite earth co-habitors: animals!

15. Alligator chow- In Florida, police were shocked to arrive at a grotesque scene to recover a partially eaten body. Police were not able to identify the body but states that they were deceased long before the cold blooded reptiles started to eat it. Police are still investigating how the person died and if the person had suffered an alligator attack first and then died from it.
14. Snake charmer- In Cambodia, seven year old Uorn Sambath spends most of this time bonding with the family pet. The family “pet” is actually a 16-foot long snake, weighing up to 220 pounds! The boy’s father first discovered the snake when it was just a baby and released it in the wild. The python returned and the family decided to keep it. While the snake hasn’t attacked the family yet, the boy’s father states that the snake loves the family and believes the snake protects them.
13. Owen And Mzee- After a tsunami separated baby Owen a rhino from his herd, he was brought to the Haller Park rescue center. Owen immediately stuck with Mzee, a large tortoise, whose large brown shell resembled closely to a hippo. They had a unique friendship until 2006, when Owen became too big to play with Mzee and Owen was given a new hippo named Cleo to bond with.

12. Falling shark – A Virginia family was stunned to discover a small shark in their backyard. The shark measured thirteen inches and was identified as a dogfish shark or a sand shark. The shark couldn’t have swam there, so how did it get there? There’s a little mark on the side of the shark, implying that it was being carried by a bird. The family intended on keeping the shark inside their freezer to show off to their friends. The family states from there, they’ll decide they want to bury it or throw it out in the garbage.
11. Incredible Survivor Cat- An eleven month old cat named Socks, was trapped inside an industrial container for thirty four days. The feline kept himself alive by licking the condensation from the sides of the container. He was found by dehydrated and skinny by a worker who realized the cat was reported missing.
10. Pig swallows ring- A woman who visited a farm noticed that her precious diamond was gone after she was feeding a pig. Pigs don’t usually bite but Ginger the pig had a good grip to snag the jewel off her ring. Farmer Paul Caygill has collected Ginger’s fecal matter to find the diamond ring but has not yet found it. As for the woman, Anne Moon, sh says the ring was a family heirloom and sadly feels that she’ll never get the diamond back, but is hopeful that Ginger will pop it out soon.
9. Dolphin saves dog- On Marco Island, Florida several dolphins swooped up a dog that had fallen into the canal. The dolphins made so much noise that lured attention of the locals nearby, who picked up the dog from the water. The dog spent at least thirteen hours in the water before it was saved and happily reunited with its owner. There have also been one or more occasions when dolphins have saved other species, even humans from drowning or shark attacks. I think we can call dolphins the angels of the sea.
8. Bird causes fire- Firefighters were stunned to discover that a huge fire they put out was caused by a bird. The abandoned building has no electricity and have been empty for years. Witnesses say they’ve observed birds flying in and out of the building tending to their babies on the roof. The main cause of the fire was a cigarette butt in the nest. Those birds should really quit smoking!
7. Clever Panda- Giant pandas are endangered, so when Ai Hin started exhibiting pregnancy symptoms her caretakers were pretty excited. Researchers at the China Research and Conservation Center believe she may be faking it to receive special treatment, like getting more fruits and getting twenty four hour care. It’s speculated that a panda’s body rehearses pregnancy all the time, or maybe they just really love being indulged?
6. Orangutan escape- An Australian zoo was forced to evacuate people after an orangutan escaped from her habitat by short circuiting an electric fence. She used a stick to short circuit the wires and was able to run around free for at least thirty minutes. Zoo staff stated she wasn’t aggressive, but believes she committed this act to escape caused by sadness from the loss of her longtime mate.
5. Hanging Goat- This goat isn’t hanging around for fun. The poor goat got stuck on the electric wire after his horn snagged it. He was carried fifteen feet above the ground for at least an hour. German tourists strolling on the Norwegian coast were able to help the sheep down. Thankfully it didn’t catch the current from the wire.
4. Flying turtle- Nicole Bjane escaped serious injury when a fallen turtle shattered her car windshield. A car in front of her had ran over the reptile and it flew into the air hitting her window. The turtle’s shell hit her forehead, giving her small cuts. She describes the flying turtle like a missile shooting right before her eyes. Even after being ran over and smashing into a windshield, the turtle miraculously survived. An EMT present at the site was able to place the turtle back into the water.

3. Bobcat walks into a bar-It sounds like a funny start off to the joke, but this is no laughing matter. Two men and a woman were attacked by a bobcat at the Chaparral Bar in Cottonwood, Arizona. Patrons don’t know how it wandered in but police were able to corner the big cat outside. Bobcats aren’t known to attack humans and it’s very uncommon, mostly they prefer to hunt rabbits and
2. Ants kill baby- A three month old baby was killed, after it was attacked by dozens of naps while napping in her caregiver’s home. The baby was covered in ants and had hundreds of ant bites on her legs. Her throat was swollen shut and wasn’t breathing by the time the firefighters arrived on scene. While it’s highly unusual for some to die from ant bites, the infant was probably severely allergic to the poison from the ant stings, and was not able to fully recover. In this unfortunate case, your respiratory system freezes up and you’re not able to breathe. Without any medical treatment, death can occur in less than an hour.
1. Man Marries Dog- Selva Kumar from India claims to suffer from terrible curse that started when he was eighteen years old. He stoned and clubbed two dogs to death when he found them mating, and then hung their bodies from a tree. From that point on, his hands and legs became paralyzed and even lost hearing in one ear. To rid himself of the “dog curse” an astrologer told him to marry a dog. That’s exactly what he did and is now married to Selvi, a ten year old female dog.