15 Unbelievable People That Saved Animals Lives!

Most of us love animals but some people go above and beyond to save their lives often risking their own!

15. Armed Rangers in Kenya- A Northern White rhino named Sudan is the last of its kind and armed rangers guard him 24/7 to prevent poaching. Rhinos are poached mainly for their horns, which is believed to cure many ailments, including cancer. Rhino horns have been used in medicinal practices for centuries and it’s all being driven by money. The growing demand of rhino horns have killed at least 1,215 rhinos within the last year, making it the third largest illegal trade in the world. Sudan’s horn has been removed for safety, but his keepers in the Kenyan reserve still fear for his safety. A four man team of armed guards risk their lives to protect him and have attempted him at breeding to save his species.

14. Joao Pereira de Souza- When Joao Pereira de Souza found a penguin covered in oil struggling in the sand, he cleaned him up and set him free in the water. He named the Patagonian penguin Dim Dim and they have a unique friendship like no other. For five years now, Dim Dim returns to Joao’s island home every year to visit him. Zoologists think Dim Dim believes Joao to be a part of his colony, but Joao says Dim Dim is definitely a part of his and gives him fish. The locals even come to visit Dim Dim and have declared him their mascot.

13. David Tree- After photos of firefighter David Tree giving water to a koala surfaced the internet, they both became a media sensation. A bushfire in Australia was quickly spreading and David spotted the koala after monitoring the area. He gave her a few sips of water from his water bottle, stating that she was distressed and exhausted. She was named Sam, after being found on Sampson street and was taken to the wildlife center. Sam later passed away from chlamydia, a common disease for koalas, but David stands by his decision to help the koala during that moment.

12. Six year old Mia- Video footage of a six year old named Mia went viral after she saved ducklings that were trapped in a drain pipe. Mia’s arms were just the right length for her to reach into the pipe and pull out the ducklings one by one. Mia carefully set each duckling next to a nearby bush, far away from the drain pipe. She was able to save eight ducklings, unfortunately the ninth duckling did not survive.

11. Mike Trowler- Cropper the fox was found abandoned on the side of road. He was seriously injured and was considered being put down until Mike Trowler adopted Cropper and took him in. Mike, who is a retired engineer houses and cares for baby orphaned foxes and raises them until they can be released into the wild. Mike believes that all animals deserve a second chance at life and has nursed Cropper back to health. Aside from foxes, Mike also cares for badgers and warns that rescuing animals takes a lot of patience and understanding.

10. Nicole Graham- Nicole Graham and her daughter went out for an afternoon ride when her horse suddenly started to sink quickly into the mud. Nicole painstakingly held her horse’s head for three grueling hours as a rescue mission was being conducted to save her horse named Astro. It took emergency services, the fire department and a vet to rescue the horse. Astro was finally sedated by a vet, so he could be pulled out by a tractor in time from the rising high tide. Nicole was there throughout the whole ordeal, keeping calm and aiding in every attempt to keep him from drowning in the mud.

9. John Govin- When farmer John Govin found the baby alpaca, she was just several inches underground and her head was barely poking out. She fell into a badger hole was missing from an alpaca farm for several days. John tried pulling her out but she was wedged in too tight. He eventually had to dig her out with a shovel. Video footage filmed by his wife was posted on Facebook and he returned her to his mama. He states that the little alpaca is doing just fine, naming her Dusty and calling the incident the strangest thing he’s ever seen.

8. Scott Mason- Police officer Scott Mason, rescued a baby joey named Cuejoe after a car killed its mom. He took in the baby kangaroo and it seemed like things were looking good for the kangaroo. That was until, an eagle had swooped down into his yard, carrying Cuejoe away! Scott had rushed over scaring the eagles away and once again saving the baby kangaroo. Cuejoe had talon wounds to his chest and face and received treatment and Mason is thankful to have Cuejoe safe and sound in his arms.
7. Charlene Harboe- She was driving home from work when she saw a baby animal abandoned on the side of the road. What she thought was a puppy, surprisingly actually turned out to be a baby coyote! Charlene named the baby coyote Taco and took him to the an animal hospital to be treated. He was sadly diagnosed with rabies and Charlene waited with him until animal control took him away to be euthanized. She said she feels sad knowing that he’ll be put down but was glad to spend the little time that she had with him.

6. Roxy Danckwerts- After a baby elephant named Moyo was saved from drowning, he’s become so attached to his rescuer that he follows her everywhere! Roxy is the founder of Wild Is Life sanctuary in Zimbabwe and Moyo was abandoned by older elephants while trying to cross a flooded river with his herd. He was very close to being attacked by a pack of hyenas shortly before his rescue. Roxy has been rescuing all different types of animals, including cheetahs and giraffes. She states Moyo is quite a challenge because he’s outgrown the house and accidentally wrecks havoc all over the house when he’s trying to help her.

5. Nick LeBlanc- Nick was spending a day at the beach with his girlfriend when he noticed something splashing in the water. Turns out it was a dolphin that was stuck and was trying to get back into the sea. Nick formerly worked at Ocean Explorium in New Bedford and said the animal had a few cuts and scrapes. After a few tries, Nick was able to help the dolphin swim away from the shore. Luckily for Nick, he knew what he was doing, but beached animals are protected by federal law and it’s actually illegal to touch or feed marine animals with authorization.

4. Lars Jorun Langoien- A moment of a selfless act was captured when Lars jumped into an ice cold lake to help a stranded duck. The poor billed duck couldn’t find its way out from underneath the ice. He managed to wrap the duck in a towel and give it mouth to mouth. Despite the frigid waters, Lars said he felt like it was the right thing to do. Thankfully he didn’t suffer any injuries or hypothermia from plunging into the water. His friend, who witnessed the incident and took pictures of the rescue, branded him a hero!

3. Erik and Torvald- The two friends were out exploring when they saw a baby lamb struggling to stay afloat in the waves. Immediately, they both leapt out into the freezing waters to rescue the lamb. Their friend snapped photos of rescue and pictures of the baby lamb and Erik and Torvald quickly circulated the internet. They were able to dry off the lamb and it was reunited with its flock. I guess you can say not all heroes wear capes!

2. Lennon Knox- Lennon Knox was awarded a medal of bravery for saving his dog from a vicious rattlesnake attack. The five year old suffered a near fatal snake bite, that required 35 vials of antivenom. He made a fast recovery after his leg swelled up for more than twenty four hours, and was released from the hospital after four days. He states his dog named Sunshine is his best friend, and there was no way in telling if Sunshine could’ve survived the attack if Lennon didn’t save her. Lennon says he and his family are going to take Sunshine to rattlesnake training classes. The class teaches your dog to protect the owners and family from snakes.

1.Adam Warwick- Some would call biologist Adam Warwick crazy after he saved a bear from drowning in the water. The bear was hit with a tranquilizer dart and ran towards the ocean. As the bear started swimming out further into the sea, the tranquilizers started to kick in and the bear started to sink. Without second guessing himself, Adam jumped into the water to save the 400 pound bear. Adam managed to get the bear to land, swimming more than 25 yards to get him to safety. On land, the bear was hoisted onto a transport vehicle and made it’s way back to forests. Way to go Adam!