15 Weirdest Competitions That Actually Exist!

People love to compete with each other.  Sometimes they do it in really bizarre ways!

15. Bee Wearing- The annual bee wearing contests takes place in China, with contestants trying to attracts as many bees on their bodies within 60 minutes. Only two people that were beekeepers registered for the event, as I don’t think any sane person would want a part of this. Wearing only shorts, nose plugs and goggles, the bee enthusiasts locked the queens bees in a small cage and tied it around their bodies. Within minutes, the swarming bees picked up the scent and started surrounding the two men. Wang Dalin won the bee-wearing competition by attracting 26 kilograms of bees on his body.

14. Hog Calling – It takes place every year in various states and it’s actually a serious event. Contestants flock to compete in the pig calling contest boosting their own unique calls. Judges look at a contestant’s loudness, clarity and creativity when imitating pig sounds and calling them. Hog calling is practiced by farmers and these contestants are mainly held where pig raising is popular. Footage from Illinois’ State Fair Hog Calling Contest in 2010 has become a media sensation and viewers can watch various contestants spewing out hog calls as audiences cheer and clap. Other states that hold pig calling contests are Iowa, Nebraska, and Idaho.

13. Air Guitar- Organized air guitar competitions have been held since the early 1980’s and it’s quite a competition. Participants are based off stage presence, technical moves, airness and how convincing their performance looks. Participants face off by completing a performance in one minute on two rounds. In the first round, contestants pick a sound of their choosing and in the second round, the contestant plays a section of a song chosen by an organizer or competitor. Those who win in world championships either receive a gold, silver or bronze award.

12. Air Sex- If you thought air guitar was strange, imagine partaking in an air sex competition. It’s raunchy and comical as contestants perform sex acts to imaginary partners. The traveling roadshow makes several stops in various states so anyone can join aboard! The panel of judges includes comedians, porn stars, pro wrestlers and local celebrities judge the performances and the winner receives a trophy. Airsex tours include Texas, Washington D.C., Louisiana, Tennessee and even Canada. AirSex tours encourages anyone to join, stating it’s an odd celebration of expression and sexual freedom.

11. World Beard Championships- The history of the sport remains in controversy, with the first event taking place in Northern Italy and extending into America in 2003. Different categories range from moustaches, partial beards and full beards. Contestants are based off the style of their beards and the moustaches and beards must be maintained without the use of styling aids or products. There’s a freestyle category and the most competitive category is the full natural beard category. The World Beard and Moustache Championships have announced, that the next world championship will take place in Austin, Texas on Labor Day Weekend in 2017. Then Antwerp Belgium will host the next event in 2019.

10. Wife Carrying Competition- The legend behind the wife carrying championship spans from a 19th century Finnish tale of “Ronkainen the Robber.” He had high standards for men he accepted into his band and to prove their worth, men had to finish a difficult obstacle course carrying a heavy sack or a woman on their back. Today, not much has changed. Contestants are required to to complete a difficult course which includes, a log hurdles, sand traps and a water way. There is no weight limitation for the wife and the husband carries her can vary. The winning couple takes home a hefty prize consisting of the wife’s weight in beer and five time’s the wife’s weight in cash and an entry into the world championship.

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors contest- The fun game of rock, paper, scissors has been turned into a competitive contest spanning from all over the world. If you don’t know how to play, it’s pretty simple and the game is played between two people, either throwing out a rock, paper, or scissors symbol. The United States of America: Rock Paper Scissors League held their first championship in April 2006 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and was televised by the A&E Network. Contestants compete in various matches and the winner is awarded a $50,000 cash prize! Sounds pretty nice right?

8. Nailympia- Nailympia or Olympic of Nails was founded in 2004 and nail artists all over the world compete to show off their skills. Categories range from best manicure to best 3D sculpture. The fantasy category is the most competitive and dramatic of all. Participants bring in nails, either acrylic or gel and have one hour to assemble the nails. The only rule is that contestants must not touch the model’s hand before the hour begins to start; the art must already be attached to the nails. Models are dressed and decorated to match their nails and the contest is a fun display of art showcased from anything unimaginable!

7. Cockroach Racing- It started out as a gambling activity in 1982, where contestants would bet and race on various cockroaches. It first started in Australia and spread to the United States. Races vary depending on the competition. Some cockroaches are kept in bottles and are let out in a ring, the cockroach that reaches the end of the ring is declared a winner. Some contests actually race cockroaches and the fastest one wins! Cockroaches are fast in movement, it can generate a spend of fifty body lengths per second!

6. Toe Wrestling- It was first invented by four drinkers boasting that the United Kingdom hasn’t been known to achieve any world champions. It was at that moment that Pete Cheetham, Mick Dawson, Eddie Stansfield and Pete Dean created toe wrestling. It involves two participants who lock feet with the objective to pin the other person’s foot down. Mick Dawson became the first champion in 1975. Today, the sport is featured all over the world and contestants play for three rounds. Winners are declared the best two out of three rounds.

5. Lawn Mower Racing- It has a become a sport that attracts all ages and lawn mower racing has spread all across America and Europe! Competitors race lawnmowers on a track, the blades are removed for safety but the original mower engines are retained. The competitions are mostly held for fun, but some participants do take it seriously. Lawn mowers can vary in size and rules vary in different states. Now, this doesn’t mean anyone who has a lawn mower can just jump on it and ride freely. Safety precautions are heavily practiced and all riders must wear full face helmets, gloves, boots and a neck restraints. Racers are also divided into age groups, with the youngest riders being six and seven years old. Winners are awarded a cash prize or a shiny trophy!

4. Tokyo Baby Crying- Every spring Japan hosts the annual baby crying competition! While most of us cringe at the sound of a crying baby, Japanese tradition states that crying babies ward away evil spirits. Also, the louder a baby cries, the healthier a baby will grow and the more they will be blessed. Parents who compete give sumo wrestlers their baby who make the little infants cry as loud as they can. Whichever baby cries the loudest is crowned the winner. Most the babies are under a year old and parents come every year in April to partake in the event.

3. World’s Ugliest Dog Contest- This annual contest is held every year in Petaluma, California. It first started in the 1970’s and dog owners across the world compete for a trophy and a $1,000 cash prize. Dogs are judged based off appearance and owners must bring documentation of veterinary checks to prove the dog is in good health. Some dog winners have made appearances on movies and tv shows due to their unique looks.

2. Midget Throwing- It’s exactly as it sounds. Dwarf tossing has been a controversial sport and some people have rallied to make the competition banned, deeming that it degrades little people. However, some people claim it to be freedom and liberties of the person’s being. Participants compete to throw the dwarf the farthest. The little person wears special padding and velcro to stick onto walls or mattresses that they’re being thrown to. Currently, France is the only known country to not prohibit this unusual sport but it is still up to individual authorities to regulate and make specific decisions about the event.

1.Penis Lifting- Japan is known for their unique and unreasonable products, so it’s no surprise that penis weight hanging is actually a popular sport there. Penis weight hanging is a common method worldwide for make one’s penis longer and Japan hosts this competition every year. Men who could lift the most weight with their penis won a prize. Some participants can lift thirty to forty pounds, while some can lift a whopping 100 pounds! I’m pretty sure that has got to hurt!