20 Amazing Man-Made Islands!

Everybody loves islands, we love them so much we decided to make more

20. Palm Islands- Beautifully shaped like a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is one of the three sets of man made islands in Dubai. Filled with hotels and villas, this is a hot spot for vacationing tourists. There is a tunnel that connect to the mainland for easy transportation and this is considered the world’s largest man made island.
19. The World Islands- It’s located in the Persian Gulf and is another set of the artificial islands set in Dubai. It adds aesthetic value as it used for industrial, scientific and ecological needs. The archipelago consists of smaller islands shaped to look like Earth. It’s a unique design and the only known one of its kind.
18. The THUMS Islands- Built in 1965 off the coast of Long Beach, California, it’s actually considered decoration. The tall buildings are used to conceal drills rigs masking it with a condo, remarkable landscaping and a waterfall.
17. The Pearl-Qatar- They may look like empty dollhouses, but it’s actually inhabited by over ten thousand people. Located in Doha, Qatar; it stretches over three million square meters. Found by the United Development Company, the project hopes to serve entertainment facilities for its tourists and residents.

16. Willingdon Island- It’s surrounded by beautiful water and nice weather in Kerala, India. This island is the heart and soul of the city’s trading posts and lavish hotels. It’s named after Lord Willingdon, a former Viceroy of India. It was built to accommodate the new Kochi Port and also holds import offices, warehouses and lots of business centers.

15. Mexcaltitan- Built off the coast in Nayarit, legend supposedly says the island was the home to the Aztlan, people of the Aztecs. It was their birthplace and home city that they left to do their pilgrimage in 1091 to Tenochtitlan. This island is being held as a tourist destination and is only accessible by boat. Their federal government designates it to be “pueblo magico” meaning it holds cultural and colonial history that is deemed “magical.”
14. Balboa Island- It’s a chain of three modified islands that includes the Balboa Island, Collins Island and Little Balboa Island. It has about three thousand residents and connects to the mainland by ferry boat. It’s one of the densest communities in Orange County, California and houses some of the country’s most expensive homes.

13. Thilafushi- Build off reclaimed coral reefs in 1992, it serves a dumping site for over three hundred tons of rubbish. Located in the Maldives, the land has attracted entrepreneurs for industrial purposes and has a growing rate of about 0.92 square meters. It currently has many industrial activities, like methane gas bottling, cement packing, boat manufacturing and various warehousing.
12. Kamfers Dam Island- Shaped like a letter “S,” it is found in the Kamfers Dam lake of South Africa. At least fifty thousand flamingos would land here to breed, but deteriorating water quality and rising water level puts the island in danger of being wiped out. This also endangers the flamingos, as they would no longer have a breeding ground if the island were to be gone.
11. Peberholm- This artificial island connects Denmark and Sweden by the Oresund bridge. It’s considered a biological experiment and only scientists are allowed on the island to preserve it and keep it flourishing. Scientists believe that nature would allow the island to bloom on its own, with no human help at all. So far the islands holds 454 different species of plants, 421 species of butterflies, 345 beetle species and 18 species of bees.

10. Durrat Al Bahrain- Completed with 15 inter-connected islands, urban entertainment and over two hundred marinas, this island is unlike any other. There are also over three thousand apartments and offices, two thousand villas, and a golf course. This definitely sounds like the ultimate island to get stranded on.

9. Amwaj Artificial Islands- Located off the coast of Perast, Montenegro, is a beautiful artificial island with an interesting backstory. The Roman Catholic of Our Lady on the Rocks is the biggest building there and even has a museum next to it. According to legend, the islet was built over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding a statue of Madonna and Child on the area.

8. Real Madrid Island- Back in 2012, the Spanish Soccer team Real Madrid has made plans to build an extravagant resort constructed on an archipelago of artificial islands. It’s still currently in production, and when finished, it will be based on a sports theme. It will have two luxury hotels, a 10,000 seat football stadium, and hundreds of villas.

7. No Man’s Land- The No Man’s Land Fort is located off the coast of Britain, and was originally built to ward off attack by the French Navy. It currently serves as a luxury hotel with over 15 rooms, an indoor swimming pool and two helipads. It contains armor plated granite and steel walls to keep intruders out! It’s recently been put up for sale and has not yet been bought.

6. Orsos Island- This man made island is unlike any other, because it’s a floating man made island that you can travel with anywhere! The six million dollar island is modeled like a yacht but has the comfort of a home. It has six bedrooms, four tennis courts and stretches over 1,000 square meters.
5. Spiral Island-Having your own private island is super expensive for the average person, so why not build your own? If Richie Sowa did, so can you! He built his own island using over a quarter million plastic bottles. His creation included a two story house, self composting toilets, solar ovens and several beaches. His island was unfortunately demolished by a hurricane but he’s currently building another one that is bigger and that extends to the sea.

4. Umihotaru Island- It means sea firefly, and this artificial island connects to the city of Kawasaki through a tunnel underneath the bay. This crossing tunnel is fourth longest underwater tunnel in the world, and the island holds restaurants, shops and cafes. There’s also an observation deck where tourists can experience a 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo Bay.

3. Uros Floating Island- Constructed and maintained by the Uros people, it’s amazing to believe that they can survive on this island alone. They live in isolation to protect themselves from other tribes and the island holds up to five hundred people. The Uros people use reeds to to build their homes and boats and the island can last up for up to three decades.
2. Khazar Islands- Also known as Caspian Islands,it’s currently in development. When finished, it will consist of 41 islands altogether. It’s constructed to hold a capacity of over one million residents, 150 schools fifty hospitals and countless parks, shopping malls, universities and the Azerbaijan tower, which is expected to be the tallest tower in the world. All the units are even planned to face up earthquakes in the 9.0 magnitude. It’s expected to be completed in 2025.
Tokyo Disneyland Artificial Island- Disneyland really is the most happiest place on Earth, and Tokyo Disneyland is family known for being built on a man constructed island. It is the first Disney park built outside of the United States and is one of the greatest tourists spots in Tokyo. The island has a resort with five hotels as well as four airports for easy transportation.